10 Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence
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10 Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence

10 Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence 

Self confidence doesn’t always come easily for everyone, and that’s ok. I’m here to share my 10 ways to boost your self confidence. It is essential to feel and be confident in ourselves so we can truly be the best version of ourselves. That is why these 10 ways to boost your self confidence is essential for every woman to read.

Having low self confidence can hold you back and prevent you from achieving greatness in whatever aspect of your life that you’re working on. But that isn’t helpful, it is depressing, and nobody wants that. You’re amazing and deserve the best, so let’s get you going on the right path.

Come on in and let me tell you about my favorite 10 ways to boost your self confidence!

10 Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence
10 Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence

Dress for Success 

Dressing your best for success will help put you in the right mindset. When you look good, you feel good about yourself. Take a little extra time to look your best, and add the little touches that make you feel good. 

What makes you feel great about yourself? A favorite lipstick? Beautiful skirt or jacket? Maybe a piece of jewelry. Whatever that little touch is, don’t skip adding it to your outfit. 

When you’re confident about how you look, you become more confident about yourself and whatever you’re doing. 

10 Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence
10 Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence

Set Goals for Yourself 

How do you want to improve yourself? It is in how you dress, work, or in a relationship? Set goals for yourself along with reminders about those goals. Then keep working on them until you achieve them. 

Be sure to write them down. Go old school with a pen and paper, or sticky notes on your calendar. There is something powerful about writing goals down on paper, making them more real instead of just dreams or wishful thinking. Writing them down also makes you more accountable to yourself because it is literally right there in black and white, and there is no ignoring that. 

10 Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence
10 Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others 

Comparison is the thief of joy! Read that with me one more time, comparison is the thief of joy. It is not only detrimental to your mental health, but it can take away the joy you’re feeling about accomplishments in your life. 

This has become a far too easy trap to fall into in the days of social media. But here’s the thing, social media is basically just a highlight reel of our lives. Like a photo album. Our friends may look like they have it all together and life is perfect. But what really happens behind closed doors and outside of social media that you don’t see? I’d say a lot that people don’t want others to see. Don’t let the highlight reels of other people’s lives steal your joy and accomplishments away from you just because they are different. Feel free to unplug and take a social media detox from time to time. 

Everyone grows at their own pace. The journey for you is different than anyone else because it is yours. Focus on yourself and both your goals and your accomplishments. 

10 Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence
10 Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence

Stop Caring What Others Think 

You know what they say about opinions, right? The phrase about everyone having one. It’s true, everyone has an opinion, and they are entitled to that opinion. 

Everyone may be entitled to their own opinions, but that doesn’t mean you are required to care about them. We’re all being judged by people who aren’t even close to having their lives put together. 

“I am in charge of my happiness. I will not let anything outside of myself control me. I am creating a life that feels good on the inside and it will turn into experiences that are good on the outside.”

Author Unknown. But it is worth repeating to yourself every day!

I will tell you that there are a whopping three people in my life that their opinion matters to me. Three. Because I know they have my best interest at heart, and despite not always liking what they have to say, I value and respect their opinions. Everyone else can go straight to hell with their opinions, and I don’t even bother taking the time to hear what those opinions are because it is a waste of my time. 

Figure out who your tribe is, whose opinion you do respect and value. Then start ignoring everyone else. 

10 Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence
10 Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence

Challenge Yourself 

It is time to challenge yourself and do something outside of your comfort zone. You can do anything you set your mind to, so let’s get going! 

Whatever you decide to try, you’ll probably be awkward and clumsy at it, and that’s just fine. What matters is you challenged yourself to do something new, and you’re going for it. 

I will tell you that I started out as the worst writer ever. One, because I was challenging myself to try something new. Two, because I had extremely low self confidence in my own abilities. Because I fell in love with writing, I kept pushing myself to do it, and improve. But starting out, I was terrible and it took a lot of practice to find my voice and my style. 

I worked hard to get there. That hard work and developing my voice and style is what helped improve my self confidence. I felt accomplished that I had challenged myself to try something new and scary, and kept pushing until I was good at it. 

Think about something you want to do that is new and scary like I did, and give it a try. Or even take a look back at something you tried in the past and made it a success story. Writing was my challenge for myself. What is yours? 

10 Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence
10 Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence

Think Positive Thoughts 

Thinking positive thoughts isn’t always easy, even for me. My brain never seems to shut down, and I always think the absolute worst case scenario for everything. Sound familiar? I’m sure it does for many people. I used to think it was just my inner prepper planning things out, but it isn’t that. It is a lack of confidence and a negative mindset. 

Take a minute to just stop and ask yourself what is the worst thing that can happen? Now ask yourself what is the best thing that can happen. It is far too easy to think about the negative stuff and completely ignore the positives. 

One of the things I sometimes have to do when my brain starts spinning out of control in a negative direction is to simply tell myself to stop. Enough is enough. It isn’t healthy or productive to think that way, and it is time to stop. Just say no to yourself and the negative thoughts. 

10 Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence
10 Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence

Surround Yourself with Positive People 

I have a firm belief that we are all the sum of the people we surround ourselves with. The question is, are you surrounded by the right people? Sometimes we have to take a look at our circle and decide it is time to make changes. 

Surround yourself with people who lift you up and make you feel good about yourself. Remember how I said earlier that there are three people that I care about their opinions? I trust that they want the best for me and will support me in reaching my goals. They are my tribe. They bring me a really positive energy when I talk to them. 

That doesn’t mean they blindly follow me and agree with everything I say or the choices I make. I don’t need blind followers, as that is narcissistic. It means they simply want me to be my best self and support me doing so. 

10 Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence
10 Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence

Don’t Be Ashamed of Your Mistakes 

There is not a single person on this planet who is perfect or has a mistake-free past. Every one of us can look back at choices we’ve made and see where we made mistakes. 

The real question is, have you learned from those mistakes? If the answer is yes, it wasn’t a mistake. It was a lesson learned, that you changed, evolved, and grew from the experience. Don’t be ashamed of that! Never be ashamed of the things that made you who you are. 

Never let anyone shame you for those mistakes or experiences either. Own it, be proud of the way you evolved and grew from it, and who you have become because of it. 

10 Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence
10 Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence

Take Pride in Your Accomplishments 

You should be proud of yourself and the skills you have. You are an amazing human being! Whatever you are good at, rock it and be proud of those skills. Don’t ever minimize the skills and capabilities you have. 

You are unique, and you bring unique skills and a unique voice to whatever you’re doing because of your journey and experiences. This applies in life, relationships, and work. That is something that absolutely no one else can take away from you. Take pride in both what you have accomplished and what you offer to the world! 

10 Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence
10 Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence

Understand that You’re Always Growing 

The journey of life is a marathon, not a sprint. You’re always growing, changing, evolving, and should be striving to become the best version of yourself and fall in love with yourself

Don’t ever be ashamed of being human, making mistakes, and the continued growth that comes with that. You are amazing! 

10 Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence
10 Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence

10 Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence Discussion 

Have these 10 ways to boost your self confidence been helpful for you? What are your favorite ways to boost your self confidence when you need to? Tell me about it in the comments! 


  • Riyah Speaks

    These are great tips for building self-confidence. I definitely enjoy dressing up and making myself feel good. I’m also learning how to take more pride in my accomplishments.

  • Melanie williams

    Now, this is the kind of post that we all need for sure. Anything that helps ro boost self confidence is a great thing and it is so good of you to take time out to write this article and share all your ideas xx

  • Lyosha

    yes yes and yes to every step/ Dressing helps me a ton (obviously) but actually looking only into yourself and your own goal/achievements is what helped me most. I don’t care how other people think/work/do it doesn’t lessen me and mine. It was a long way but it’s the only proper way.

    • The Homemaking Wife

      I completely agree, Lyosha! Don’t worry about the path others are walking. Your path is still so important and valuable. I’m good at that one. Dressing up (you do inspire me to dress up more often) is probably the most difficult one in my own life. I pretty much despise having to get dressed up to go out anymore. That is one big area I can work on.

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