Creating the Perfect Home Office

Creating The Perfect Home Office

Creating the Perfect Home Office

Creating the perfect home office is more important than ever! With the Coronavirus still going around, working at home is becoming the new normal and it looks like it’ll stay that way for a while. 

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I’ve been looking at ways to make my office as comfortable as possible since it’ll be home for the foreseeable future. There are some must-have items that will make the home office both a comfortable and productive environment. Here are my recommendations for creating the perfect home office.

Heating and Cooling

Normally the warmer temperatures don’t bother me. If I need to escape and work in a colder place, I generally go to the library or Starbucks. My MacBook and my notepad travel along with me quite easily. Unfortunately, it is not nearly that easy anymore. I wish it was! 

Yesterday Nathan and I purchased an air conditioner for my office in order to be comfortable and productive. I’m never excited about spending money, but it was a great investment. The one I linked to that we picked is a portable air conditioner that stands in a room. 

From a safety standpoint, the way it is installed is ideal. It doesn’t take up the entire window. Instead there is a vent and covering that adjusts to fit the window, and then close the window up to the vent. It only requires the window to be open a couple of inches and the locking mechanism we have in place still works perfectly. 

If you are in a colder climate at the moment, this electric blanket is simply amazing. In the winter I plug it in to the power strip under my desk and I am very cozy and happy while I work.

Creating the Perfect Home Office
Creating the perfect home office


Organization is so important to me. A clean work space is a productive work space! Lately my mail organizer has reached the overflowing point. I purchased these portable filing boxes that are perfect for organizing paperwork! 

Since my blog became profitable, there are invoices to keep track of, expenses, tax forms. The list goes on of what needs to be kept, and if I don’t print and file immediately, I’ll forget. There is nothing worse than having to go searching for these items when tax season rolls around. I keep one box for blog related items, one for personal bills, and a third for anything else that needs printed and kept. 

This set of drawers are a staple in my office closet. I have two sets that are stacked on top of each other because it keeps little things from being messy. One drawer is for first aid items, for example. All small items that really don’t fit in anywhere else. 

A bookshelf was next on the list because I needed a bigger one. My favorite thing about this one is that it matches my floor, and fits right into the decor. Check out my favorite books here.

If you’ve read my review of Military Luggage Company, you know that I am a fan of their products. This padfolio is a lifesaver for me. I keep a notebook with all of my blog ideas in it, as well as research notes, and more. This padfolio means that it is easy to find in my office. It also keeps notepads from being damaged. The best part is that my iPad slides easily inside the front cover. 

Creating the Perfect Home Office
Creating the perfect home office


I am a huge fan of this lamp for several reasons. The biggest being it has wireless charging capabilities. Cords take up valuable real estate on the power strip, and this lamp saves that. Anything that serves multiple purposes in my office is a winner! 

Creating the Perfect Home Office
Creating the perfect home office

Creating the Perfect Home Office Notes

It feels like I’ve completely revamped my entire office after adding the things on this list, but it really was a necessity. If you have to work at home, be as comfortable and efficient as possible! 


What do you need to make your home office more comfortable and efficient? Tell me about how you are creating the perfect home office in the comments! For more of my tips on productivity, click here.

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  • Tracy @ Cleland Clan

    I taught from the kitchen table this spring, not because I don’t have a room (or two) that could become a home office, but because it’s just such an unorganized disaster. One of my goals for July is to clean out one room so that I can have a comfortable and relaxing place to sit and blog (or teach if necessary). I have the desk–just can’t get to it.

    • The Prepping Wife

      Having a clean, organized, and dedicated space to work will make it so much easier for you, Tracy! I feel like I have to clean and de-clutter mine about once a month, or it becomes overwhelming. Or I find better uses for space and re-do it all. That happens a lot. Lol.

  • Scott DeNicola

    I’ve been working from home since 2003 but I am always revamping my office to make it function better. This pandemic has caused so many of us to rethink our office space. I think its funny that you mentioned the new AC. When we moved in we didn’t have air conditioning and working from home for me it was a must. When I was pricing central air the salesperson told me this is one of the only things you will buy that will make your life more comfortable. He was so right!

    • The Prepping Wife

      Last year when it was super hot out, Nathan would take me to Starbucks or the library, and I could work while he went and played Pokemon Go. Great way to get out and enjoy it while being productive at the same time, and I didn’t need to invest in an air conditioner. I loved our weekly trips out when I could work and then we would go out to dinner. This year I’m stuck at home, so comfort is definitely more important!

  • Stephanie S

    Thank you for sharing ways on creating the perfect home office. I think it is really important to have the right lighting as well. I open the windows during a cool day, and if it is too hot out I will close the blinds, and curtains. And I normally will turn on a lamp, or our main light in the office area. I need to get more organized, and file papers away where they belong. -Lately I have added my papers into a box. I actually have an area for all my shred papers, and another area where I place them before they get filed away.

  • Melanie williams

    I love this. I agree a home office needs to be organised for sure. I always think that the lighting makes such a massive difference too x

    • The Prepping Wife

      Lighting really does make a difference! I used to think the ceiling light was enough, but it really wasn’t. Now that I have the desk lamp I listed, I have no clue how I managed before that! It is amazing what a difference simple things like that can make.

  • Britt K

    The inability to go somewhere else for a ‘change of scenery’ has really been causing me to struggle some days. That being said, I’ve started to explore ways to quickly and easily change up my office as far as decor. Nothing major – the bookshelves are still bookshelves. But, I try to change up the items displayed occasionally to give the illusion of going somewhere new. Also, I’ve been talking about DIYing the perfect chandelier for my office for ages, I even bought the supplies, so I’m going to tackle that when we get home from camping.

  • Nkem

    Thanks for sharing you take on this! Working from home the past few months have made creating the office space so important to me as well.

  • Subhashish Roy

    I loved the new look of your office the other day when I saw it on Instagram. When it’s a home office the ambiance is so very important. The Ac is a good investment as being comfortable surely increases productivity.

  • Lyosha

    I work from home all the time and year ago (may be a little more) I moved it to different room. I love the new spot, it’s more comfortable but light is not perfect. I still struggle to fix it without major work. Great tips, it’s imporatnt to remember everything

  • Kat

    It’s awesome that you’ve been able to improve your home office to make it more comfortable and functional. Some great tips here. I live in a very drafty apartment and have been wondering if I should get an electric blanket for the winter. If we are still mostly working from home by that time, I will definitely have to do that.

  • Dreams Abroad

    What a great blog posts as most people are working from home. I have been working from home since 2014 and I love it. It is very important to make a space that you own and feel comfortable in. I created a home office away from everything. This way I cannot be sidetracked with the tv or family noise.

  • Kelly Martin

    These are great tips for creating a comfortable home office, especially now that more people are working from home. Your office sounds really nice. I really need a new office chair so that I can work comfortably for more than a few hours at a time. I’d also love to get a sit / stand desk sometime soon.

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