Creating the Perfect Home Gym

Creating The Perfect Home Gym

Creating the Perfect Home Gym

Creating the perfect home gym has been on my mind these last couple of weeks. With being at home a lot more due to the Coronavirus, I’ve been looking at increasing my home workouts. 

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Gyms around the country are closed right now, and I’m missing that a lot. But exercise and weight loss can still easily be achieved at home. It doesn’t take a ton of money or space. I love both aspects of that! Because I can still exercise. 

Lately I’ve had a severe lack of energy and that is what prompted me to create this list after a conversation with a friend this morning. I’ve been frustrated because I’m eating healthier than even normal because I’m making all of my own meals, and I don’t eat a lot. But I’m not exercising, and it is catching up to me. Here is a list of my essentials to get me moving again for creating the perfect home gym! 

Creating the Perfect Home Gym
Creating the perfect home gym

Yoga Mat

A yoga mat is essential for any home gym because it is a designated place to exercise. I use mine for stretching, which is imperative before any exercise. This also helps me get into the right mindset to start working out at home. I absolutely have to start with the basics, and this is perfect. 

Stability Ball

A stability ball is one of the best investments in any home gym. I use mine for stretching, sit-ups, and even working. The stability ball encourages me to do more with sit-ups, because I hate doing them on the floor. It is just uncomfortable. A stability ball also encourages better posture. I have this great habit of folding myself into my office chair and working until I can’t feel my feet anymore. Using the ball, I am forced to sit upright and maintain good posture. 

Stability Pads

These stability pads are excellent for core training and strengthening. They come in three levels, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. I am the special kind of person who can trip just walking on flat ground. Can anybody else relate? These stability pads really help me control that special talent by improving coordination so I don’t hurt myself as often. 

Creating the Perfect Home Gym
Creating the perfect home gym

Push-Up Stands

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a big fan of push-ups. But arm exercises aren’t my favorite anyway. These stands make it much easier to balance and have the proper form. They also don’t take up any real space in my office either. 


I don’t know who invented risers, but they are a genius! This is something I’ve used in the gym many times and love it. Standing on a treadmill or stair machine is just tedious. Using this, I can do step-ups and increase my heart rate to start burning calories. I ordered these earlier in the week and my favorite part about them is that they don’t take up much space. Where a treadmill is a whole extra piece of furniture, these just sit in a corner next to my yoga mat and stability ball. 

Foam Roller

I use a foam roller to loosen tight muscles before I stretch and it really helps. This is an excellent low-impact way to exercise. Some of the most popular exercises are printed on the roller itself, making it easy to follow. This roller takes up no space either. It is currently sitting upright next to my desk when it isn’t in use. 

Yoga Blocks

I’ve been starting to do more yoga lately, but it can be really intimidating for a beginner. These yoga blocks really help me to complete the exercises I want to without hurting myself. I think they are an essential tool for any beginner who is just starting yoga. 

Creating the Perfect Home Gym
Creating the perfect home gym

Creating the Perfect Home Gym Notes

All of the things I’ve talked about here are great tools to be able to exercise at home when the gym isn’t available. Anybody else desperately needing to put together a home gym of your own? This is a form of self care for me because my physical health is still an important part of my life, even if I can’t go to the gym. 


What tools do you deem necessary for your home gym? How are you creating the perfect home gym? Tell me about it in the comments! Have you created the perfect gym at home yet? Read more about my tips on productivity.

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  • Scott DeNicola

    Well there is no better time than right now to start thinking about setting up a home gym. I’ve been spending the last almost three months on my 20-year-old Total Gym down my basement. I wish I planned ahead a bit and purchased some dumbbells and free weights but you’re right that you can make do with many of the items you listed above. After tearing my calf last year I have put a bunch of time towards stretching a bit more and using my foam roller every day. It makes a huge difference. There are also many great videos online you can do and gyms like Planet Fitness are hosting free sessions each day.

  • Tracy @ Cleland Clan

    The risers are a great idea! I like that you can adjust the height to whatever works for you. I used to really enjoy step aerobics, and they would be easy to incorporate into a routine. Plus, they would be easy to store.

  • Ivana Mearns

    That’s a great idea. I already have a yoga mat and a few other pieces of gym equipment but it would make sense to buy a few extra items online now the gym is closed. I think that push up stands are probably the best choice for me. Thanks!

  • Nicole Anderson | Camping for Women

    This is the perfect post at the perfect time. So many people right now who are stuck at home really need to get some exercise as so many just end up eating more and sitting on the couch. It is an easy trap to fall into. What I love about the products you have selected for inclusion here is that they are easy to use, not that costly and don’t take up too much space. Great prompters to ensure you get your daily exercise and stay reasonably fit.

  • Kat

    Great list, these are all excellent tools. Exercise is definitely a form of self care! For my home gym, I have:
    – A Pilates mat (thicker than a yoga mat because sometimes you roll on your spine in Pilates)
    – Lots of exercise bands of different strengths. I used to go round to clients’ businesses and teach groups, so I have 13 different bands.
    – A foam roller
    – Yoga blocks
    – A Pilates circle.

    If I were to get one more thing, it would be some weights, but there are plenty of upper body exercises using just body weight, so I’m going to hold off for now.

  • Dreams Abroad

    Gyms At Home are the best because all you have to do is pay for the equipment. Yoga Mats are so versatile. You can use them to stretch, help with crushes and invert an arm or leg. Great gym list, thank you.

  • Lyosha

    I use my yoga mat for any home exercises it definitely helps me to set up the mood. I often use dumbbells at home but don’t use pushup stands (may be that’s because I don’t really need it as pushups are my daily routine for over 20 years), I think to buy a balance ball for home, it is fun and can be used as chair when you work, which is good for your back and helps to train torso too.

  • Britt K

    These are some great suggestions! I was super lucky – when my husband’s best friend moved to the US he sold us his treadmill for a really good price. He didn’t want to have to move it over the border which worked to my benefit. While I love getting outside when the weather permits (and the dogs love it too), I use it a lot during the winter months!

  • Subhashish Roy

    Wish I had some more space in my house. I have a treadmill which has taken a lot of space and when I get bored of walking on it, I go up to the terrace for a walk with the air so clean now. Yes I would add a yoga mat and have a pair of dumbbells which I am using regularly.

    • The Prepping Wife

      I love the risers in place of a treadmill! They don’t take up nearly as much space, and I can still achieve the cardio aspect of working out.

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