6 Components of a Healthy Relationship
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6 Components of a Healthy Relationship

6 Components of a Healthy Relationship 

Every single relationship we have with other people takes work, and a lot of it, especially marriage. But when you know the 6 Components of a Healthy Relationship, it makes it easier, because you know where to focus, and where to celebrate success. You and your partner can grow together and create the best relationship possible. 

I have been married to my husband since 2008, and without these 6 components of a healthy relationship, we would not still be married. They are essential to any long-term relationship not only surviving, but thriving and being the best marriage it possibly can be. 


Relationships require a lot of cooperation, because there are two opinions, two lives that are affected by decisions. Without cooperation and compromise, you have a dictatorship instead of a relationship, and nobody wants that. 

Cooperation means that you make decisions together and stay united in those choices. This is where discussions and talking through issues to find the happy medium are essential. Don’t just expect things to happen or for things to go your way. You need to talk them out and find what works for both of you. 

This isn’t always easy, especially when you may feel very passionate about something. But cooperation is still essential. 

6 Components of a Healthy Relationship
6 Components of a Healthy Relationship


Support your partner’s choices. It is essential to be non-judgemental and understanding when your partner needs your support. Sometimes just being there and showing them support and empathy can go a long way when they are going through a tough time. 

Relationships are a combination of give and take. Sometimes you’ll need support, and sometimes your partner will need the support. Never make your partner feel alone when you’re right there. Ever. 

A lack of support from you to your partner can destroy trust that you’ve worked hard to build. That isn’t something anyone wants to have happen. 

6 Components of a Healthy Relationship
6 Components of a Healthy Relationship


Honesty really is the best policy. I’ve always said the truth isn’t going to be what upsets me. It’s the lies and hiding the truth from me. Because I feel like lies in a relationship are an insult to my intelligence. I can handle the truth just fine. 

Honesty is also what builds trust and respect. It is a huge building block of that major part of any relationship. Always be truthful when talking to your partner. Being honest is a way that you show love and respect to your partner, while building their trust. 

6 Components of a Healthy Relationship
6 Components of a Healthy Relationship


Safety means both physically and emotionally. If you don’t feel safe in a relationship, you need to get out. 

Feeling safe in a relationship means that I’m not afraid of physical violence. But it also means that I feel safe enough to express my feelings and emotions without being abused in any way. 

Arguments and disagreements are completely normal in a relationship. There is absolutely no way you and your partner are ever going to agree on everything all the time. Relationships are messy and emotional because people are. I like to use the fair fighting rules as a tool to keep both me and my husband safe in these instances. 

6 Components of a Healthy Relationship


Accountability is one of the most important in my opinion, because I value and respect someone who can admit their mistakes. I will happily admit when I’m wrong, and fully expect others to do so around me. Maybe that comes from being raised by a narcissist, that I have no tolerance for a lack of accountability. But it’s a big one in any relationship for me. 

The ability to be accountable for your actions goes a long way in building trust for me. Because I have a lot more faith in your words and that they won’t just be excuses or lies. 

6 Components of a Healthy Relationship
6 Components of a Healthy Relationship


Trust is the most essential thing to have in any relationship. It is the easiest thing to lose, and the hardest thing to gain back once it is gone. Is it impossible to gain trust back? No, it isn’t. But it isn’t easy to gain back either. 

Trust means being able to give each other the benefit of the doubt, and accept their word when they tell you something. 

6 Components of a Healthy Relationship
6 Components of a Healthy Relationship


Relationships are not easy. That’s just a fact. Because people are messy, emotional, and they make a lot of mistakes. Repeatedly. There will be times where a relationship is tested by mistakes. But if you have these 6 components well-built into your relationship, problems can be handled a lot easier, mistakes forgiven, and you keep moving past it and become even stronger as a couple. 

Do you have these 6 Components of a Healthy Relationship in your own life and relationships? Are there specific areas that you can work on for a better relationship? Or is there anything I’ve forgotten to add to this list? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 


  • Kristy Bullard

    All of these are so important for a healthy relationship. It can take time to build some of these but it’s worth the time and effort.

  • Lyosha

    Trust is the most essential part. I trust my husband more than I trust myself. I trust him to do things I might overwise try doing myself, I trust him so I can be vulnerable next to him. Trust also means honesty because you can’t really trust a person who is not honest. I trust him and that is why I feel safe next to him. Cooperation is hyper important too. I think only a healthy pair is stronger, better, smarter togeather and just two of them alone.

  • Kathrin S

    These are all so true. I have been in a relationship for over a year now, and I’m noticing how vital honesty and good communication are.
    But for me, I think the most important aspect is safety. My own parents split up, so I have found it hard to feel safe enough with another person to really trust them and commit. “Arguing confidently” is a skill I’m still learning.

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