Starting a New Business with a New Baby

Starting a New Business With a New Baby

Starting a New Business with a New Baby
Starting a New Business with a New Baby

How to Survive When Starting a New Business With a New Baby

First of all, congrats on the arrival of a new baby and the start of your new business! Now, the real fun begins. While taking on both at once can be a challenge, it can also be extremely rewarding, and you’ll be amazed at how one can compliment the other. 

Since you want to succeed at both, you will need to have a plan of action and a bit of strategy. The more detailed your plans are, the better! Luckily, you don’t have to start from scratch. After all, you aren’t the first to take on all this responsibility and you won’t be the last, so here are some great tips from The Homemaking Wife to make it easier. 

Take Care of Business Basics

The first step to ensuring that you can handle everything put on your plate is to think about how you want to form your business. There are various business structures to choose from, so you’ll need to research your options and choose the one that works best for you. That being said, many busy people choose to go with a Limited Liability Corporation. Forming your business as an LLC offers unique benefits like tax breaks and less paperwork to complete so you can ensure that your company will run smoothly while also taking some of the busy work off of your plate.

Give careful consideration to how you want to market your services or products. If you’re operating on a shoestring budget, look for cheaper marketing alternatives like advertising on Facebook. When creating ads, you can save time by starting with a Facebook ad template. This allows you to adapt predesigned templates to add your own text, logo, color schemes, and more.

Starting a New Business with a New Baby
Starting a New Business with a New Baby

Establish a Routine

After you have your business up and running and your new baby running around, it is essential that you get a routine going, so don’t neglect either. While a newborn will be rambunctious, they will also likely nap a lot and you need to take advantage of those moments. Nap times are when you should schedule your most time-sensitive work or tasks that require extra attention like those team meetings with your stakeholders or financial partners. 

Your routine must also include plenty of time for your family. To ensure that you have a healthy work/life balance and so that you keep your baby as the priority, Raising Children Network suggests making sure to end your work at the same time every day and then unplug and play with your loved ones. 

Invest in a Good Baby Monitor

You will likely be concerned about the safety of your baby even when they are napping, so to keep your nerves under control and keep an eye on things at all times, make sure to invest in a good baby monitor. These devices have grown by leaps and bounds over the years with the best ones having many high-tech innovations like built-in Wi-Fi and the ability to speak to your baby or calm them down from the other room should they wake up early from their nap.

Starting a New Business with a New Baby
Starting a New Business with a New Baby

Use Your Network

If you are trying your best but you are still struggling to keep your head above water when it comes to your baby and your struggling business, Fishbowl Family says you should turn to your network to help you take care of one or the other. 

On the business side, you could consider hiring a freelancer to take on some of the repetitive tasks that don’t need your immediate attention, such as an illustrator to help with your marketing efforts or a virtual assistant. This will free up time to take care of your more important assignments and watch the children.

If it is the baby that is becoming too much of a handful, then you may want to turn to your friends, family, or husband to take a larger role, at least for now. Your family will probably be thrilled to watch your baby for an afternoon here and there so they can spend time with the cute little critter while you work. If you do not have family nearby, then look for a babysitter. There are many websites that you can use to find local sitters, which are easy to use and they can really be a lifesaver.

Starting a new business while juggling the stress and responsibilities of a new baby can certainly be challenging. However, it can also be exceptionally rewarding! In the end, it is essential that you can create a careful balance between your new business and your family because one helps you to care for the other. The tips above can be a big help in preparing for it all! 

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  • Lyosha

    I honestly can’t thank you enough for this post! it is so timely! I had a baby two weeks ago and as I relocated I have basically build my business anew (I am photographer and there was a lot of work due to connections and prior work for me).

  • Britt K

    You have some great suggestions here! When my sister-in-law gave birth to their third child, I actually went and stayed at their house for 2 weeks to care for the older two while she had a chance to find her new routine. Working from home gave me the freedom to just bring my laptop along and work from their house instead. That being said, she had to ask for help for me to know that was what she needed. Don’t be afraid to reach out to the people in your life and let them know that you could use a little support – you never know what people can do until you ask!

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