Day 9 of 31 Day Blogging Challenge

Day 9 of 31 Day Blogging Challenge

Day 9 of 31 Day Blogging Challenge

Welcome to day 9 of 31 day blogging challenge! It is definitely a challenge, that is for sure. But a really fun one too. I’m glad I decided to do this. You can read about my previous challenge posts by clicking here.

Today’s prompt is my worst habits. I feel like I could go on forever on that one. Lol. We all have bad habits or personality traits. I’m nowhere near perfect. I like to joke that I’m always right, because I’m a woman, afterall. But really I’m not. I’m as imperfect as each and every person I come in contact with or who is reading this.


I am the queen of overthinking. I worry about everything. Then comes the questioning. Am I doing it right? Will people like it? Is my writing good enough? What if X, Y, and Z happen? I wrote a blog post that will be posted in a couple of days, and I had no clue how to start it. Seriously, freaked out over it for a solid two weeks before I finally just went after it.

I read a post on a similar topic recently and I was livid when it was done. Three sentences in, I was fuming. It was just terrible and I hated the tone it had. This of course make me freak out about my post. Will people react the same way? If they do, I’ll just die. Like crawl into a hole and die.

Now, I won’t actually die, and the people who helped me write it gave me the green light. Clearly it isn’t actually as terrible as I think it will be. Which is usually the case. But that never stops my mind from imagining the worst case scenarios in between. My favorite person on the planet loves to remind me when I’m overthinking. Usually this makes me stop and realize it is happening and settle back down, to some extent. Sometimes we just need people to be blunt and say stop that.


I am the worst when I get mad or upset at something. My brain moves faster than my mouth when I go off on a rant and I forget portions of a sentence, so swear words turn into sentence enhancers. Lol  I really should work on that one. I can use swear words as commas in a sentence kind of thing.


Patience is not a strong personality trait of mine. I could never be a teacher because I get really impatient and I’m like, just move and let me do it. There is also a tendency to forget about explaining the basics for me. I kind of assume (yes I know what they said about assuming things) that the person I’m talking to knows everything I already do.

I also get really impatient when I have to call a business or company and I get someone reading off a script and clearly can’t think for themselves. Like, just talk to me. We’re both people. Try answering a question not off the script and sounding like a robot.


I get really irritable when I’m inconvenienced, cold, hungry, or tired. I need one of those shirts that say, “I’m sorry for the things I said when I was hungry.” Or one that says, I’m sorry for the faces I made when you were talking.

My worst is that I get the most irritable when I’m cooking and something doesn’t go right. There is nothing worse for me, because it feels like I’ve failed somehow. I get mistakes happen. I’ve burnt something or overcooked it, or whatever. Just had to throw it out a time or two. But that always feels like such a waste to me, or the meal feels incomplete.


I totally have OCD about some stuff. It has to be done a specific way, or there will be consequences. My husband loves to try to not do it my way, and I get really impatient and irritable. Notice the trend here? I like being organized. I am the weirdo that matches all of my socks in pairs before they go in the washer. Then doing it again when they come out of the dryer, immediately. There will be no lost socks in my house.

I also like everything in the exact place it belongs. Nathan is the opposite. He never puts anything back in the same place twice. Like in the kitchen, he just throws things in a drawer. Who knows what drawer either. His favorite thing to say is, I look for a spot and when I find one, it goes there. It is annoying enough that I want to make a color coded chart for everything in my house and the place it goes.

Facial expressions

I don’t have a poker face, nothing even remotely close to it. I really wish I did. Because every time one of the things I listed above is becoming a problem, it is clearly evident from my facial expressions that I’m feeling that way. I’m terrible about that.

Many times I am so grateful that I’m talking to people on the phone, simply because they can’t see my facial expressions from the other end. Keeps things much more simple. Lol. Usually I can control what I say pretty easily, but the facial expressions give away everything I’m not saying about what I’m thinking or feeling toward someone.


I’m pretty sure I could go on for hours about my worst habits and personality traits. But the truth is, we all have them. Nobody is perfect, and what is the definition of perfect anyway? That is the real question. Life isn’t sunshine and lollipops all the time, and it shouldn’t be. For me, the key is recognizing when I’m doing one of these things and keep control over it. Or at least owning it and apologizing when I know I’m not being kind to someone.

I hope you enjoyed day 9 of 31 day blogging challenge. Have you considered giving it a try yourself?

Dr. Seuss wrote an amazing quote that I just love. “Be who you are and say what you feel. Because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” Which is why I embrace and own that these are bad habits of mine.

Day 9 of 31 Day Blogging Challenge


  • Danielle Grimes

    Absolutely loved this one! Every single thing you said felt like you were calling me out, LOL. I’m the exact same — all of it! This gave me a good laugh. We are all flawed in our own ways, but recognizing that and continuously bettering ourselves is what matters. Although, I’d like to believe there are worse traits to have. I’m content with my bad habits. Thank you for sharing!

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