Day 8 of 31 Day Blogging Challenge

Day 8 of 31 Day Blogging Challenge

Day 8 of 31 Day Blogging Challenge

It is day 8 of 31 day blogging challenge! The fabulous question of the day is what is in my handbag? Well, it is a black hole, to be honest. Lol. I’m pretty sure I can fit everything in there, and then some more. After that, it gets lost somewhere out the bottom and I add more to it. It is a bit disturbing what can be found in my purse. But that can be a good thing too. So without further ado, here is the list of what I deem essential. You can read about my previous challenge posts by clicking here.

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I am a big Coach fan because their products are durable. Nathan destroys everything he touches when it comes to shoes, clothing, belts, and wallets. Even he can’t destroy his Coach wallet or belt! I don’t think anyone can go wrong with a Coach wallet or purse.


I live in a rainy climate and I am always cold, so I have some sort of a jacket with me all the time. I love these Nike jackets because they are lightweight, I can easily fold it up and toss it in the bottom of my purse and it takes up almost no room.

Back Scratcher

Whoever invented this adjustable back scratcher is a genius. I keep one of these at home, in the car, and in my purse. They are stashed everywhere because there is nothing worse than an itch that can’t be reached.

First Aid Kit

I keep these stashed everywhere as well because you never know when they will come in handy. I also keep salt in all of my first aid kits and in my purse because it is an excellent way to stop bleeding.


I love my Benchmade knife. It is a favorite because the Benchmade office/factory is only about two hours from my home, they have excellent quality products and stand behind them. They also sharpen for no cost and keep it in working order.


As I said earlier, I am a huge Coach fan, so of course my sunglasses are Coach as well. I never leave home without a pair. I don’t see sun too often due to the constant rain. But when it does come out, it is blinding! Sunglasses are a must-have. Plus I’m so short the sun visor in my car is useless.


Lotion and chapstick because my skin is naturally dry, so these two items are essential. I really like the Hempz brand because it soothes my skin nicely. I always notice my elbows being dry when my jacket rubs on them or sticks to them (yuck) and it irritates my skin.


Never know when we need to set something on fire. Or let someone borrow it to light a cigarette. I especially keep them in the winter if the car door locks freeze. Just hold the flame over the metal portion of the key for a few moments and it will warm the lock up enough to function.


I am always reading something and working on a review for my blog. Books are bulky, and having my Kindle is amazing for portability. At home I tend to prefer physical books, but they don’t travel very well. The Kindle is lightweight and holds a bunch of books. I also keep a charging cord in my bag.

Portable Charger

I never leave home without a portable charger, and neither does Nathan. We each have one plus one in our bug out bag, and I have one in my office too. Just in case. I tend to rotate my two out just so I always have a fully charged one in my purse. I keep a spare cord for my Kindle, as I talked about above because this charger will charge it as well. A phone cord is also essential.

Peppermint Essential Oil

I get headaches fairly often and they make me hate life. If I am out and about, I just open the bottle of peppermint oil and sniff this for a bit. It usually holds the headache back enough that I can function without being homicidal until I can get some Excedrin.


The gloves I linked to are the best I’ve ever found. The North Face knew what they were doing when they made these. I keep a pair in both my purse and my bug out bag. I wear them when I’m cold, when I’m out target practicing, when I used to work outside. The fit is brilliant and they are comfortable.

Thermal Blanket

As with most things I’ve mentioned here, I keep these stashed all over the place too. They aren’t much bigger than a credit card and weigh nothing. Throw it in the side pocket of my purse just in case, and it is never in the way.

Pen and Paper

I am always thinking about my blog. There are what seems like a billion ideas running around in my head about new material to talk about. Or, Nathan will mention something that is a good idea (don’t tell him I’m acknowledging that though. Let’s keep that a secret.) and I need to write it down. I love these waterproof notebooks because they can withstand pretty much anything you can do to them. This is amazing when it is too wet to pull out my phone and take notes there.


I keep flashlights everywhere, and my purse is certainly no exception to that. I find myself in strange places where they really do come in handy.


That is the basic list of things I keep in my purse/handbag at all times. There is always an assortment of other random things. Receipts, napkins, super glue. Found super glue in there the other day and had no clue how it ended up in my purse. Does that happen to anyone else? You clean out your purse and find really random stuff you can’t explain in there? The list above is all of the things I have deemed essential for my purse to have with me.

Feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you keep in your bag! I’d love to know and find out if I need to add anything to my essentials.

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Day 8 of 31 Day Blogging Challenge


  • Nyxie

    I love this series and really want to do something similar 😀

    You should know you have also inspired me to keep a flashlight in my purse going forward – honestly, I have said this to myself so many times but have never done it!

    • The Prepping Wife

      I will go back and add a copy of the prompts into each post. Several people have been asking about this. I did too when I read another friend/blogger was doing it.

  • Sarah

    What a fun series of posts. I don’t know why, but I find these what’s in my bag posts to be quite fascinating, as everyone carries a different amount of things. Sometimes they have the strangest of things in their bags. I also carry a flashlight with me, has come in handy many times, especially in the winter.

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