Day 30 of 31 Day Blogging Challenge

Day 30 of 31 Day Blogging Challenge

Day 30 of 31 Day Blogging Challenge

Today is day 30 of 31 day blogging challenge. If you’ve been following me through this challenge, I appreciate it. You can read about my other posts by clicking here. The prompt today is what is in my makeup bag.  

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Makeup is something I rarely wear these days. I’m decent at putting it on, but it takes time and patience. Patience is not a strong personality trait of mine, so I rarely take the time for it these days. But when I do, I tend to go all out and wear it all. So here’s my list of what is in my makeup bag!

Every good makeup day starts with great brushes and I am a big fan of the IT brushes I linked to. I have probably pretty close to the entire collection by now. Lol. But the set I linked to are the basics that everyone needs. Taking care of these brushes with this cleaner is very important as well. Take care of them and they will last a lifetime.

Brushes are one of those things that is a good investment if you wear makeup often. The best thing about these brushes is they don’t shed and are easy to clean. There is nothing worse than trying to keep brushes clean and sanitary, and they fall apart as soon as you wipe them.

Foundation. Gotta start with the base, in my opinion! Makeup is about layering and doing it well. The key is to start with a good foundation and work my way out from there. This is why I say that it takes patience.

The foundation I linked is legit. I’ve put it on and worn it out for 15 hours, and it still looked good when I got home, like I just put it on. I’m a huge fan and it really is worth the cost.

Translucent Powder. I feel like this is an absolute must-have in my makeup bag, and I use it every single time I wear makeup. What is amazing about this is that it sets my makeup to give it a longer-lasting wear. Added to the foundation I linked to, this is why I was able to go a solid 15 hours and still looked great. It also helps cover up visible pores or scars on my face. I feel this is a huge asset to my makeup bag.

Blush. Every woman needs a good blush! Add a little highlight to those beautiful cheekbones. The one I linked to is a favorite of mine because there are options, and I can be bold, bright, or even just a more muted natural look. It all depends on my mood, but it is right there in one perfect place. A great fan brush makes applying this product even better.

Bronzer. I don’t always use bronzer, more it depends on what kind of look I’m aiming for. But it really does give my skin an added glow and it is even more of a boost when I’m in a great mood and happy. This is just one more thing to make me look even better and show off that glowing happiness. I feel like it adds a level of warmth to my look.

Brows: My eyebrows do this weird thing where they are dark at the base and as they go toward my temple, they lighten up significantly. I use a liner to darken them up and give them a far more consistent look. I follow this up with brow gel to set that look in place and keep it there.

Eyes: The eyes are like the most complicated portion of my makeup for me. I start with my favorite eyeliner. This is a must for me, especially if I’m going to wear eye lashes. I have no clue why, but I can’t ever put my eye lashes on correctly without eyeliner. Even I haven’t figured that one out. Lol. With the eye lashes, comes the need for a good glue.

After I’ve applied my eyeliner, I go to my eye shadow. Browns do wonders for my skin tone, sometimes pink is a go-to. I try to stay away from blue or grey, because it is always too dark for me and I end up looking like a raccoon. Mascara is a must, and it needs to be waterproof.

Lipstick. I am a huge fan of the Fifty Kisses line from Laura Geller. The colors are gorgeous and vibrant. It goes on as a liquid, almost like lip gloss, but dries to a matte finish. It is like the best liquid lipstick there ever was. This lip color stays and stays very well. I’ve eaten with this on and it stays on perfectly. Like I am wearing nothing at all. I’ve kissed Nathan while wearing it, and then I’ll look at him to see if he has the standard lipstick transfer, and nope. Not a single smudge. I’ve always been impressed with this line.

Once I have gone through the list here and layered everything onto my face, I need a good setting spray. I’ve talked about wanting my makeup to last and look great for as long as I’m wearing it. This product is the final step in achieving that goal.

Once I am home and ready to take everything off, a good makeup remover is essential, as well as a cleanser. My skin needs to breathe after all that makeup, and these two items are an absolute requirement to achieve that goal.

Day 30 of 31 Day Blogging Challenge Notes

I don’t wear my makeup all that often, but when I do, the quality of the products I am using is extremely important to me. Everything I listed and linked to in this post are things I use and keep in my makeup bag because they are excellent products. Sometimes I wish I had more patience to do my makeup on a consistent basis. Lol. Or, maybe I just need to go out more so I have a reason to do it. Not sure which would be better.

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Day 30 of 31 Day Blogging Challenge

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