Day 12 of 31 Day Blogging Challenge

Day 12 of 31 Day Blogging Challenge

Day 12 of 31 Day Blogging Challenge

Today is day 12 of the 31 day blogging challenge I’ve been doing. If you are interested in reading previous posts, click here. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing these, even when they are challenging. The prompt today is asking what is in my refrigerator.

Are you participating in day 12 of 31 day blogging challenge?


I am a pickle fanatic. I eat them all the time on burgers, mix them in tuna. Sometimes it is just a really tasty snack too. Here is my favorite pickle recipe that I make at home all the time.

Every time I get near the pickle jar, Tigger thinks it is tuna time. I drain the juice from my tuna and feed it to him as a snack. I don’t even pull the tuna can out of the cabinet until the end because of the chance he will see it and I’m tripping over him in the kitchen.


If you’ve read my recipe about parmesan roasted cauliflower, you know this is Nathan’s favorite vegetable. We make cauliflower at least once a week, and it is almost always on the shopping list.

I love making it for Nathan because it is his favorite vegetable. I know, warm and fuzzy, right? Or you’re gagging at that sappy sentence there. I make it because Nathan loves it. But the truth is, I do. It makes me happy to create memories around food and him to say he absolutely enjoys something I make.


Carrots are my favorite vegetable. Earlier in the week I discovered rainbow carrots, and I’m a fan for life now. I still love regular carrots, but rainbows are even sweeter and more delicious. Carrots pair wonderfully with beer can chicken. I roast carrots in the oven all the time with some garlic salt and olive oil. I even do that outside on the grill in the summer. It is just so easy to make.

Cottage cheese

Nathan hates it, I love it. For me, it is the perfect protein packed snack. Sometimes I’ll eat a low-carb burger with lettuce and a side of cottage cheese. Or eat it with Doritos. Typically I’ll sprinkle it with a little seasoned pepper for some added flavor.


Again, Nathan hates it and I love it. I don’t like eating a big breakfast, and yogurt is a great option without being too filling in the mornings. It is also an excellent smoothie ingredient. I prefer vanilla yogurt over plain.


Nathan eats ketchup all the time. I am not a huge fan though. He does the strangest thing where he takes a flour tortilla and fills it with cheese and ketchup, rolls it up like a burrito and eats it. I call it a 5 year old’s vegetarian taco.

My weird thing with ketchup is that I eat it on meatloaf. That never sounds weird at first, but it is because I eat it cold on meatloaf. I hate cooked ketchup where it is slathered on the meatloaf while it is still in the oven. I usually make bacon-wrapped meatloaf because everything is better with bacon. So I feel like this would just destroy that beautiful crispy bacon too.


Nathan loves, and I mean loves cereal. He eats cereal like a fat kid eats cake. Needless to say, we always have milk in the fridge so he can eat cereal. Every once in a while, I’ll crave milk and drink a bunch of it. Although I try not to do this because almost every time I end up with a migraine.


There is never a shortage of cheese in our house. Clearly from the list, we do love our dairy products. Lol. Currently there is mozzarella, provolone, cheddar, parmesan, and baby swiss in the fridge.

Sometimes I think cheese is the way to get Nathan to eat certain things. Just give it a good healthy sprinkle of cheese, and boom. He loves it. I don’t know if that is actually the case, but it certainly seems like it.

Lunch meat

This is the lazy lunch or even dinner for me. Throw some meat, cheese, and pickles into a tortilla or between bread and then add a little mayonnaise and mustard. I’m full by the time it is done. This makes for an easy meal when I don’t want to make anything that requires cooking.


Did you enjoy day 12 of 31 day blogging challenge? This really isn’t anything terribly exciting. But it was part of the challenge. Tell me about the strangest thing in your fridge. This post made me really curious if there’s anything odd or strange in other people’s refrigerators.

Day 12 of 31 Day Blogging Challenge


  • Jen

    My fridge!! always green veggies and never enough pickles!! lol my girl loves pickles! juice and milk are always there for her to. Eggs I love eggs 🙂 !

  • Stephanie S

    I love this challenge. We always have pickles in the fridge.- My girls always want pickles with their deli sandwiches. I’m not sure if there is anything strange in my fridge at the moment. Yesterday I did find a block of cheese that had gone moldy, lol. And in the trash it went!

  • Kelly Martin

    I always have carrots in my fridge. They’re such a versatile veggie. I love snacking on a crunchy carrot. They’re great roasted too.

  • Nkem

    That’s a pretty fun challenge! Also, did you end up clearing out your fridge in any sense as you were doing this? That always happens to me, haha

  • Leesa

    I really like this idea– the blog challenge is a great idea! I like pickles and cottage cheese too. I enjoyed reading this very much! Great post– I look forward to the next one!

  • Melanie williams

    I love that you have a passion for carrots, as I also love them too. they are so easy to prep and you can do quite alot with them too x

  • Britt K

    There’s never a shortage of cheese in our fridge either. Both my husband and I are HUGE cheese lovers. The two other things that are never on short supply in our house is carrots (the dogs eat them as treats) and canned pumpkin (also for the pups – we put it on their food). When we open a can, we put it into a container so that it can be refrigerated as a single can will stretch out to cover a few days worth of meals.

  • Morgan

    We also have pickles in our fridge.. and in our cupboard too lol. Someone went a little crazy on stocking up during our last grocery shop. We prefer the garlic dill pickles but the whole family likes them as a snack or to add a bit of flavour to any meal we are doing. This was a fun challenge, thanks for sharing!

  • Smita

    haha I’m a pickle fanatic too! And my husbandd hates them! I’m just happy since that means more for me! Same with some cheeses.
    I also always have yogurt (especially the Icelandic ones, so yummy!) and fresh veggies.
    You keep ketchup in the fridge? I’ve never done that.

  • Kat

    The five year old’s vegetarian taco actually sounds strangely good to me. When I was little, we used to have pasta at my uncle’s house (his children are younger than me) and we used to put grated cheese and ketchup on the pasta. It was weirdly tasty – not sure whether I would like it now though.

    There’s nothing particularly weird in my fridge, I think – but I do put my cookies in the fridge because I once had an ant problem in the house and they got all over them. Since then, I just think it’s safer to keep them in my fridge.

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