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Being a writer, blogger, and entrepreneur is an amazing thing! I have the ability to work from anywhere I want and make some amazing connections and friendships along the way. Once I chose this career path, I honestly can’t imagine doing anything else. 

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With being able to work mostly from home, I’m always giving fellow bloggers advice on creating their own workspace and home office. Doing so gives structure, formality, and organization. All three are key components of being a successful business owner. In this post I have created a list of office must-haves that help with organization, and are all things I own and use. 


If you have followed my blog for any length of time, you know that I am an absolute stickler for organization in almost every aspect of my life. This planner is my idea of perfection! I have the ability to open up to a single page and see my entire week in one glance, and plan things out. It gives me the space to keep track of both personal and business related things. 

My favorite part of this is that at the end of each week, I can look back and see where I need to focus my goals at the following week. In my personal areas, if I need to take more steps or drink more water. In business, which category in my blog I need to add more to, or which social media platform I should focus on growing. After seeing all of this, I can easily adjust my goals for the following week to make improvements in both business and personal. 


In keeping with my organization theme, I color code all my notes, checklists, my planner, everything. By doing this, I can easily find what I am looking for. This made me an excellent student way back in the day, and it is always something I’ve done ever since. These pens are a personal favorite because they last quite a while, and are easy to write with. 

Tape Dispenser

While I do love organization, I want my office to be fun as well. This tape dispenser just makes my inner child giggle every time I see it or use it. It also has multiple functions, making this desk accessory even better. 


No office or desk is complete without a red stapler! If you don’t understand the reference, click here to watch Office Space and fix that. Everybody needs a red stapler in their lives, in my opinion. 


A chair is the foundation for a great office space! It has to be comfortable and functional. Let’s face it, we all sit down to write and the need for quality back support and posture is a very big deal. 

Filing Box

I can’t recommend this filing box enough! This is a game changer in terms of organization for me. It is small and portable, and doesn’t take up a ton of space. As a blogger, I am always taking online classes to be better, and there are workbooks with those and notes. I should be a professional note-taker because I write everything down. There are also contracts, affiliate terms, and more that need printing and keeping on hand. Without this, I would have paperwork everywhere, and I really do mean everywhere. 

Trash Can

I am always amazed at how much trash I can accumulate in my office. But a trash can is imperative because otherwise I would be constantly going down the hall to my kitchen for that one. These Simplehuman trash cans are the best. I have a large one in the kitchen, this small one under my sewing table, and one in my office. 

Nathan and I have replaced every trash can in our home with these. We have also replaced some of our kitchen items like the dish rack and paper towel holder with ones from Simplehuman, because it is an upgrade that will last! 

Heated Throw

I know this sounds funky in this list. But if you’re like me and always cold, this is the throw for you! I have been an avid Sunbeam fan for many years now. This heated throw is the best addition to my office because I can work comfortably and be more productive. I relax when I am warm, versus being fidgety and unfocused when I am too cold. The cord is a great length to plug in under my desk into the power strip and not be in the way. 


Good lighting is essential for any workspace. Nathan and I converted a spare bedroom into my office and there is a ceiling light. But if I’m writing or reading, it isn’t quite enough. Having a desk lamp to see what is on my desk is very helpful. 

Mail Organizer

This organizer is the place where I keep everything that needs to be filed once it is ready. It keeps the paper from being loose on my desk because that is where it goes to get lost. I’m not a fan of things getting lost in my office, so this is perfect. 


I hope this list has helped you to become more organized! I am a stickler for organization and functionality of my workspace, while being comfortable at the same time. This list is everything I deem essential in my office and use every day. 

Being able to work at home is a wonderful opportunity. Organization equals productivity and I find that even more important when working from home. 

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  • Scott J DeNicola

    I am a stickler for organization as well. Actually anything out of place could drive me crazy but one thing my wife and I battle about is the organizer or planner. She has her paper one and I am all about having everything on my phone. I guess to each his own and wahtever works for you. I’ve worked form home for over 15 years now so I’d like to think I am pretty well stocked here. Great list of offie must haves!

  • Alexandra Christensen

    Okay, so I had to click on almost every affiliate link just to see what a super organized person would order. And, yes, looking at all that stuff to make you organized and professional does make me want to buy it. Unfortunatley, I can’t seem to find time to keep my own stuff organized. I just can’t. By the time I have gotten meals and homework and shopping and work – which is inbetween all the other stuff – and baths and laundry (ALWAYS LAUNDRY), well….you get the picture!

    I can’t imagine a heated throw (and I didn’t even click on that) as I sit here at my desk sweating because both of our air conditioners have broken at the same time and the weather was pushing 95 F today with very high humidity, but I’m sure it feels nice when it’s cold.

    And last, but not least, my 6-year-old walked in just when I clicked on the tape dispenser. He has declared that he wants one of those! We both had a laugh. Oh, if only I had you managing my household! You’re hubby is lucky!

  • Kelly Martin

    I like being organised and I also love shopping for stationery so this was great for me. I have most of these items but I do need a good filing box.

  • Sonia Seivwright

    Definitely a good list. Especially the planner. I actually like the planner. I have already bought my 2020 calenders and planner. As someone who works in an environment, I know these lists are spot on.

    • Joyce Osiango

      To tell you the truth my office is never organized. I always find myself looking for what I should have set and arranged all over the place. But it actually doesn’t stop me from shopping stationaries.

  • Lindsay Brown

    I too clicked on every link becasue I needed to see what you had in mind! Ummm that tape dispenser is seriously the best thing ever! I must have it!

    It is so much easier to work when you have an organised office and everything on your list is a must-have for organisation and home office comfort! I also love those pens becasue they look like they would be really smooth to write with. I am weird about my pens, I hate it when they are scratchy (does that make sense?)

    Great post!

  • Norma

    This is a perfect list! It’s important to have all these items handy when preparing to work at home. I always make sure I have enough pens and post it notes.

  • Beth Gray

    LOVED this! I love my planner, as well as having things organised. I also have a “book” of recycled paper, which I bound together so that all my notes / brain-storming is in one place, rather than on loose sheets around my office!

  • Laura Linklater

    You’re so right! I’m currently writing at the kitchen table, spare bed, library, anywhere – and I need to get myself sorted to make it a proper endeavour! Thank you for the great ideas x

  • Thuy-Linh Phan

    I love having fun desk accessories. I have a bunny-shaped stapler (not red, missed opportunity) and a martini tape dispenser! I definitely need to invest in a file organizer, what a helpful list

  • Clarice

    Totally agree with this. I am also working from home and creating our own workspace really helps in productivity and allows us to focus. I find the things you mentioned really helpful. I am actually planning of getting a mail organizer since currently I just use a recycled box from a chocolate drink. It’s about time I get the proper one. Thank you for the recommendation.

  • LuLu B - Calabrisella Mia

    I work from home part-time so I need to be organized and maximize the time that I have. I’ve found that without a real pen and paper planner, I’m pretty much useless! haha It’s funny you mention stapler, because that is one thing I don’t have at the moment, and it’s making me crazy – paperclips just don’t always cut it!! Great list, Erica!

  • Britt K

    I also relax more when I’m warm, which really helps my productivity. However, I chose to go about accomplishing that in a slightly different way – rather than adding a heated throw to my office, I purchased a heated office chair. On the cooler days, I plug it in and I’m off the to the races. It has massage as well, which REALLY helps if I’m a little stiff or my back is bothering me.

  • Kat

    Some really great ideas here. I am currently looking for a new planner, as the end of the year is coming up. Like you, I enjoy a weekly one so that I can see what’s coming up at one glance. This is especially important because I teach around 5-8 lessons every day and they can be different lengths (30, 45, 55, 60 min). To keep track of that, I need to stay really organised.

    Another thing that resonated with me was your point about pens. I love differently coloured pens and have a set of 30 colours!

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