• DIY Projects

    Easy DIY Cat Bed

    I found the greatest way to create a DIY cat bed from an old piece of furniture. I’ve been remodeling my house slowly over the last two years, working on one room at a time, with breaks in between. It’s been a very trying process, and I’ve had to learn as I go.  However it has been fun and rewarding as well. I’ve completely redone my walls, my floors, light fixtures, and I’m about ready to do faucets in the kitchen and bathroom. Working on remodeling my home has inspired me to give some old furniture a facelift, and upcycle it into something totally brand new. Those projects are my…

  • DIY Projects

    DIY Christmas Card Decorating

    I have spent the last week or so working on my Christmas cards and writing them out. I know I am a bit early in this project, and maybe a bit overzealous. But it has turned into a really fun DIY project to decorate the envelopes, adding a custom touch to them. They are super cute, and really easy to do. I had my Christmas cards almost all filled out by Black Friday. I was pretty proud of myself on being ahead of schedule this year in my project. Well, then as many of my projects do, it turned into something bigger. I start out with simple intentions, and then…

  • DIY Projects

    Anniversary Sign

    My husband and I celebrated our ten year anniversary yesterday! I have been looking for some sort of something I could buy or make or anything to commemorate this and make it really special. We’ve been talking about what we wanted to do for about a month now. Usually we go out to a really nice dinner and treat ourselves to a special day together. He loves to spoil me and it is so sweet. But I wanted to do something bigger and better besides that. Don’t get me wrong, I love it when he spoils me, but I also wanted to find something for our home to celebrate it.…

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