Welcome to The Prepping Wife!

Welcome to The Prepping Wife!

Welcome to The Prepping Wife! I’m glad you’re here to learn about The Prepping Wife! Thanks for visiting. My name is Erica. I am a wife, first and foremost. Second, I am a prepper. In my spare time I love cooking and am excited to share my recipes with you. I also enjoy DIY and upcycling projects around the house. Come join me on my journey!


I’ve been married to my husband, Nathan for almost 13 years now, and I couldn’t be happier! We will celebrate our anniversary in November. Married life is always an interesting journey of ups and downs, laughter and tears. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world either. My husband is my world and I love having him as my partner in this crazy journey we call life. He is an inspiration to some of my posts, and you will find little stories about him as I go.

In My Blog

In my blog you will find prepping tips for the beginner. Where to start, how to organize, how to avoid being overwhelmed. Because I love my prepping journey, I’m looking forward to sharing it with all of you. The ups and downs, roadblocks, successes, and everything in between. I hope to encourage more women to become preppers. Giving one more successful way to take care of their families and themselves. I have been a prepper for about three years now. In my blog, I want to help beginners getting started. Or even just learn more about it to decide if it something you want to do.

What is a Prepper?

Many people ask me what is a prepper? Well, it is someone who prepares for the unknown or unexpected emergencies. Oh, a doomsday prepper? Yes, but I cringe when people say that. Although the answer is yes. I prefer to prepare for more common things to happen. I will discuss further in a couple of posts, instead of prepping for a global emergency. My prepping is common things we have all dealt with.


Cooking is such a fun thing for me. I always enjoy the nights when my husband is off from work because I plan meals for us to make. This enhances our time together. Experimenting in the kitchen is something I do fairly often. I hope I can inspire you to do the same. Or simply give you a fun date night recipe to enjoy with your special someone.

DIY Projects

I’ve spent the last two years remodeling my home and learning some fun new DIY and upcycling projects. Making the old into something new and exciting. Please join me on my journey and learn something new! I hope to inspire you to start a fun DIY project of your own as a result.

Come join me!

I look forward to sharing my crazy but fun journey of marriage, prepping, cooking, DIY/home improvement projects, and weight loss. Welcome to The Prepping Wife!


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