Self-Care During The Coronavirus

Self-Care During The Coronavirus

Self-care during the Coronavirus is more important than ever! How to take care of yourself during the Coronavirus. Life is rough right now. There is nothing good on the news, because it is all about the Coronavirus and death tolls. Kids and spouses are at home constantly. It doesn’t feel like there is an escape, right? I know the feeling! 

But this is an excellent time to take care of ourselves. In fact, it is more important than ever, in my opinion. With spouses and kids demanding a lot more attention, we need to take care of ourselves because we can’t pour from an empty glass, so to speak. Or the term burning the candle at both ends comes to mind. 

Read a book 

Reading is an excellent way to sit down and focus on something. I find when I can’t settle, this is the way to make me do it, and I’m drawn in to a story. It is also relaxing. Starting a book club with friends would be a fun idea too. With social distancing, it would need to be done remotely, but that is still totally a do-able thing. Or start a group email about the book, and everybody adds their thoughts in. 

FaceTime Family and Friends 

Just because we can’t actually get together doesn’t mean we can’t communicate. FaceTime is a great tool to bring us closer to the people we care about. Keeping those connections alive is vital for all of us. Humans are meant to be social creatures, and we need that interaction. 

Take a Bath 

I always used to think this was such a cliche. But it really is relaxing, and that is important when anxiety and tensions are high. Meltdowns can become a daily thing. Taking the time to relax and indulge a bit never hurts anyone. Grab a glass of wine, light a couple of candles, a favorite bubble bath, and lock the door. Just enjoy the time to yourself. 

Give Yourself a Mani/Pedi

Salons are closed, and that makes hair and nail care a bit more difficult. Taking care of our hands is important, especially with increased hand washing. Our hands become dry and cracked with a bunch of handwashing, so taking care to prevent that is important. Plus a fresh coat of polish on the nails just makes anyone feel better. 


Cleaning is something that always makes me feel better. I thrive in an organized environment, and taking the time for a cleaning project is very therapeutic for me. Spring cleaning is also a great time to downsize the home too. If you have kids, have them pick five toys they no longer use or want to donate, and then replace it with one new one. 

Grab A Take-Out Meal

I’m not a fan of not being able to go to my favorite restaurants and eat like I normally can. However, picking up a take-out meal from my favorite restaurants not only supports businesses that are still open at this time, but it is comforting. Even with eating it at home, there is still something very comforting in the familiarity of eating out. It’s probably the closest thing to normal as we can get right now. Nathan and I try to do this once a week, just for the comfort factor. Plus a drive to the restaurant gets us out of the house and into the sunshine for a bit. 

Go For A Walk Or Drive 

Spring is here! Get out in the sun, even for just 30 minutes a day to soak in some vitamin D and clear your head. Walking is good for the soul. 

Or, go for a drive. That’s the absolute definition of social distancing to me. I’m in my vehicle, music up as loud as I want, and enjoying a nice sunny day with a drive out into the country. Hard to breathe on anybody else inside my vehicle. But it still gets me out and about too. 

Take A Break From Social Media

We all need to practice some social distancing with social media. Without much else to do, it is even easier than usual to get sucked into social media and lose track of time. But it is filled with depressing news, people complaining about the Coronavirus, and so much more. Sometimes we just need to step away from that and let our eyes and mind just breathe. 

Taking a break from social media is an excellent method of practicing self-care during the Coronavirus.

Attitude Is Everything! 

It is very easy to have a bad attitude about everything that is going on right now, especially since we’ve been in the same state for over a month now. Being a Negative Nancy is easier than being positive. But our attitude can easily affect others around us because things are so tense. One of my favorite quotes is “don’t take life too seriously because you’ll never get out of it alive.” 

There is nothing we can do but make the best of a bad situation and try to learn as much as possible from the experience. Be positive and share that positive energy with others as well. 

Remember Self Care Isn’t Selfish! 

I can’t emphasize this enough right now. Self care is vital for everyone. Don’t ever forget that, or let anyone tell you otherwise. 


How are you handling the Coronavirus and being socially distant from everyone? Tell me about your experiences in the comments. Are you practicing self-care during the Coronavirus? Click here for other life related posts.


  • Scott DeNicola

    As terrible as this Coronavirus has been (and living in NY I can tell you it has seen it’s share of bad days) I have actually found some good in this pandemic. For one my family is all home at night and eating together, a feat that never happens during normal days. We have begun doing a lot more as a family being that we are all home now and not working multiple jobs and my kids doing after school activities and dance class. I started biking again and was sort of forced to do so with the gyms closing down. We also try to take a long walk every day. I’ve also picked up my guitar more than I have in the last three years. You need to find some sort of break to take your mind off the world if even for a little while each day.

  • Nicole Anderson | Camping for Women

    These are all great pointers for being able to survive this time and come out with your sanity! Above all, I think it is so important to look after your own mental condition in order to stay positive and keep perspective. For me, that means taking a walk or hike, surrounded by the beauty and silence of nature. This seems to ‘reset’ my mind in such a relaxing way and I find it is much easier to stay positive. Self-care during this time is so important.

  • Kelly Martin

    These are great self care ideas Erica. We all need to look after ourselves both physically and mentally at this really stressful time.

  • Kat

    Some great ideas. I started reading more over the Easter weekend and it really helps me to relax. I have a fair amount of bookworm friends, so exchanging book tips is a great way to bond. Spring cleaning is another good one. From what I hear, lots of people will have super clean houses once this ends!

    The only one you might have to be cautious with is driving. There are two potential problems: firstly, if you get in an accident, you’ll need the hospital, which is overcrowded anyway. More importantly, if everyone starts going for drives, the streets will be crowded and essential vehicles will have more trouble getting around quickly. Of course it depends on your location, but this is especially problematic in an urban area like where I live. That’s why walking seems a better choice except for essential trips.

  • Ashlee

    I agree all the way. Self care is super important especially now. Funny enough I think I’m more sociable now, spending more time talking with my friends and family, but when I need a full introvert level shut off, I read, go for walks alone and soak up the sun and I just got a pedi with my fave colour. Turned out pretty awesome lol.

  • Cassie

    Great post! I am all about self-care now that we’re stuck at home. Last week I took a bath with essential oil infused bath salts one night after the kids went to bed. I may have to make it a weekly thing! I’m also taking advantage of free education available online.

  • Ivana Mearns

    I was just thinking that I could do with a break from social media, it can be draining sometime. What a lovely blog posts, I feel like I want to do all these things, starting with a nice bath with aromatherapy oils. Thank you.

    • The Prepping Wife

      I have been reading a bunch too, Lyosha! I’m sorry you can’t really go outside. It is tough. Hopefully things will start going back to normal very soon.

  • Dreams Abroad

    Attitude Is Everything, Erica! Thank you for this self care list. Sometimes we forget that we need some self-love during these crazy times. Hopefully, the Coronavirus is gone soon.

    • The Prepping Wife

      I’m definitely ready for it to be over as well! Nathan and I made a list of things we want to do and places to go once things are back to normal, and I’m looking forward to them.

  • Britt K

    We’re lucky in that the dogs want their daily walks – so it motivates us to get out and take a nice walk every day in the evening when my husband gets home from work (he’s still working at this point). Even on the days that I may feel my frustration and emotions setting in, leading me to want to just stay on the couch, the pups will push until I get up and moving haha! I’m always feeling better when all is said and done.

    • The Prepping Wife

      Motivation is a difficult one for me too, Britt! Thankfully, once I get up and going, I’m soooo glad that I did. But getting there is the tough part.

  • Debra A

    I’ve been using Google Duo to have meetups with my kids and have been getting outside to walk and run with my husband and friends as much as possible. I’ve taught myself to do my own gel manicures, am doing facials, and even logging my calories to fine-tune my eating habits. It’s crazy when it is written in front you just how bad you eat when you think you don’t!

    • The Prepping Wife

      My husband and I were just having a discussion about eating habits too! It’s insane because we’ve both gained weight. Yet I don’t feel like my eating habits or lifestyle has changed a ton. Nathan is still working, and almost nothing has changed for him. Yet we’ve both definitely gained some weight. I’m looking forward to when this is all over and I can go back to the gym again.

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