Practicing Gratitude During The Coronavirus

Practicing gratitude during the Coronavirus

Practicing gratitude during the Coronavirus. Practicing gratitude is always important. With the Coronavirus, I’m finding it more important than ever. 

This year has been crazy. I started the year thinking, this will be my year. I’ll be successful in going to the gym everyday, I’ll focus a ton on growing my business, and all these other amazing things I deemed necessary for my own happiness. 

Well then I had tendinitis in my hand, which affected my ability to work and work out. No going to the gym for me, unless I wanted to do leg day everyday. Except I like walking, so that’s out. I barely managed to work for a month, and still have trouble periodically. Then the Coronavirus happened, and there is definitely no going to the gym now! So what am I left with? Work. Since I can’t see friends either. Work. 

Negativity is Everywhere

It is so easy to get caught up in negativity these days. It seems stupid easy, and I’m not a fan. This has been something even I have struggled with since the Coronavirus started. But there are plenty of things we can all do to focus on being grateful and see the positives. 

All of the issues I talked about earlier are still true. I’m stuck at home and working. I can’t control that at the moment. What I can control is my attitude and my response to it though. Attitude is everything! 

Since I’m stuck at home, work has really become my big focus. But not just writing. Personal development has become very important to me, and working to improve myself. I’ve been taking a lot of classes related to that, and it got me thinking about my attitude and the importance of gratitude. 

Gratitude is a positive attitude, and even a reaction. A wise person once said when we stop asking “why is this happening to me” and replace it with “what is this trying to teach me”, our lives are forever changed. 

Practicing gratitude during the Coronavirus

How do we practice gratitude? Here are my favorites! 

Keep a journal

Write down three things throughout each day that you’re grateful for. It can be simple things too. When we have really bad days, the simple things really do count, trust me. Then in a month, go back and read it. It also gets easier as you go to find things. It’s kind of fun to go about the day and suddenly think “this is perfect for my journal entry” at a particular moment. 

I also stop and think about these things before I go to bed. What I am grateful for is the very last things I think about before I fall asleep each night. It improves my mood and allows me to fall asleep easier and sleep better. I’ll take anything that improves my sleep quality! 

Talk to Yourself

Yep, you heard me. Talk to yourself. When my mind goes in a negative direction, I talk to myself. Literally telling myself that this isn’t productive and it is time to end it. Sometimes telling ourselves to shut up is the best advice we can give! It takes practice to turn our brains in a different direction, but it really does work. This has been a favorite lesson in one of the classes I took last week. Because my brain never seems to shut off. 

A wise person once told me that our brains are the biggest muscle in our bodies. This was in relation to weight lifting, but it is completely true in everything. Once I started paying attention to that, it was easy to notice. 

Practice Mindfulness 

With being at home more, I use mindfulness as a serious tool. Every time I start a project or a class, I think about how grateful I am for the ability to do it. Then I ask myself what I want to get out of it. 

This also really helps with focus as well. I’m the queen of fidgety and easily distracted. Squirrel! When I practice mindfulness along with my gratitude, I find that happening less and it makes a very big difference in my ability to sit and focus on a task. 

Say Thank You

If I’m having a bad day and go on a rant through text or calls to a friend, I make it a serious point to say thank you. Because I appreciate them taking time out of their day to listen to me vent and get everything out. 

Showing appreciation for those around us means that we aren’t taking them for granted. Hearing that can make a huge difference for them too. 


Stop reading here and smile, just for a moment. You’re clearly alive and well if you’re reading this, right? That’s one amazing reason to be grateful! 

Smiles can also improve someone else’s day as well. If you’re still breathing, you still have a purpose and your work in the world isn’t finished. Smile and make a difference. 


Just breathe. Nothing good or bad stays forever. Anything and everything we are going through is temporary. Breathe it out and keep going. Sometimes I have to remind myself of this and that I need to push through it. 

Help Others

This is easily a favorite way to practice gratitude for me. As I talked about earlier, I’m still here breathing. This gives me the opportunity to make a difference in other lives and not just be focused on myself. 

Right now I’m doing this by offering to run errands for friends and family if it is essential that they stay at home. Someone posted in a Facebook group that they needed a truck for errands, and I have one and can easily do it. Why not? It’s not any real effort on my part to help out. I’m grateful I have opportunities to help others when they need it. 


Practicing gratitude is essential for making it through any challenging situation. This doesn’t mean that things are a cakewalk. I think far too often people associate gratitude with perfection. You must have a perfect life to have a grateful attitude. Nope, not even close. Life is still difficult, no matter what we do. But how we respond to it is a choice. We can either let the uncertainty, fear, and negativity consume us, or we can be grateful for the amazing things that are still happening every day in our lives. 

Which one do you choose? Only you can decide how to respond to a negative or stressful situation. 


How do you go about practicing gratitude during the Coronavirus? Tell me about it in the comments! To read other life posts, click here.


  • Scott DeNicola

    This post really hits homes especially now. I try to work hard on gratitude and my wife keeps me in check on a regular basis. Every time we start to complain about being stuck inside she reminds us that everyone is still working and getting paid and that we are all healthy. This pandemic has caused us all to have a brief pause in life and chance to hit the rest button.

  • Despite Pain

    I agree 100% that we need to practice gratitude just now, especially. There is so much negativity understandably, therefore we need to make a conscious effort to find positivity. If we don’t, this situation is harder to deal with.

  • Kat

    I love this list. It’s easy to forget gratitude when things are tough and everything seems to be going wrong. My favorite is ‘Help Others’. Just like you, I do the shopping for an elderly friend who doesn’t have anyone else to do it. She would be stuck having to either ask her neighbours to bring things back for her or going out and putting herself at risk. It’s a help to her and makes me feel like I can contribute something productive to society, despite being stuck at home.

  • Jenny in Neverland

    Practicing gratitude in ANY way is an amazing thing to do! I have a gratitude diary that I write in every morning and I always express my gratitude in the night right before I go to sleep 🙂 I’ve always done it but it’s so important to focus on the positives now! Great post x

  • Tracy @ Cleland Clan

    I love these ideas. They are all simple and easy to implement, but will make such a different in your thinking. We do have a lot to be thankful for each day. Seeing the positives instead of the negatives will make each of us so much happier.

  • Britt K

    You’re right, it is SO easy to get caught up in all the negativity. Just turn on the news or log into your social media accounts and you’ll see that it’s basically being spoon fed to us. That being said, we ultimately have the choice to decide how we’re going to respond. Today is my husband’s 40th birthday and we were supposed to have a big party for him to celebrate. Clearly that’s not happening… Instead, we’ve decided that we’re going to use the power of group video chats and do an online party. I mean, why not find the silver lining and figure out how to still have fun, celebrate and bring some happiness into the mix? Right?

  • Emily Underworld

    Practising gratitude is so important, especially during this time. I’ve been keeping a journal with a list of things I’m grateful for, and positivity. It’s hard sometimes, but working at it helps over time!

  • Debra Roberts

    This is so important to practice gratitude and self-care right now and journaling too! This is a monumental and historical time and should be documented so our family can read it for years to come.

  • Lyosha

    just yesterday the run I was training for got cancelled. they started building the starting town and doors. Two days before we had to run, it was cancelled. I was supposed to get my starting package today. It was suddenly cancelled due to the covid. It’s funny because a lot of activities are still being held with no problem but my run was cancelled. For example tonight there will a football match with over 30 000 spectators in the arena. But the runners can not have it. It is hard to find gratitude in this, hard not to become angry, hard to shift your attention elsewhere. your post is important reminder that positivity should stay in at all times

    • The Prepping Wife

      I also have to remind myself to be grateful right now too. Our state has been flip-flopping back and forth about being open and not being open. It is frustrating and it is pretty clear people are tired of it. There has always been a lack of consistency, and I wish it wasn’t such an issue. I definitely understand your frustration, Lyosha!

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