New Years Resolutions

As I look back on 2018, it was a big year for me. Lots of change and growth to go around. Which is a great thing. This made me start thinking about new year’s resolutions. Some people think it is ridiculous, some make them every year. What do you do? For me, I’ve never really been a big fan. Life will still go on just the same as it always has. How am I going to suddenly wake up January 1st and do big things? The answer is, I’m probably not going to do that.

But in all reality, we can all still do big things in 2019. This is the year that I am actually making resolutions and I’m putting them in my blog. That way I can not only remind myself through the year, but make myself accountable as well. I think that is a huge reason that when we make resolutions we fail. Who makes us accountable? Nobody but ourselves. Well, here are mine, and I will be accountable for it all.

The other issue with resolutions are that we make them impossible to achieve. Or, we don’t have a plan to successfully achieve them. That is a huge problem for me. Making my goals impossible, and the cynic in me says I’ll never do it. Hey, guess what happens when I say I’ll fail? I fail. Imagine that one! It is all about a mindset, and that brings me to my first point.

Mindset is a huge portion of how things happen to us. I used to lift with a couple of guys who knew what they were doing. They could easily competition lift. One of the things they both told me was, mindset is half the battle. Your brain is a big muscle that many people forget to actually use. Tell yourself you can do it. That you plan to do it! I could rock out leg day like nobody’s business and it was easy. But, I had a good mindset because I was comfortable doing it.

Arm day rolls around and I’m thinking, eff my life. I will never progress and it is the worst day of the week for me. Is it over yet? Well, that thought is exactly what happened. So I tried something one day. I told myself I was going to bench press X amount, with X number of reps. Not anything insane where I was setting myself up for failure, but I did push harder than normal. I reminded myself that I was determined, that I was set to be successful. Going into it with that mindset really worked! I was actually successful, and it really changed how I approached not only lifting weights, but life in general.

A positive mindset is a huge asset to all of us. Have you ever noticed how some people are always negative? I call them Negative Nancy. Some use the term Debbie Downer. If you are a positive thinker, those kind of people will just suck the life right out of you and destroy the positive mindset you have. If any of us are going to change our thinking and habits, the negativity has to go. It is just that simple. Surround yourself with the kind of people who want you to succeed. Who will help support you on the road to success. Don’t be a Negative Nancy yourself either, because that is a direct path to failure.

Now that I have set the tone of being determined to be successful, what else is there? There are my goals. I have decided to set a reasonable number of goals and resolutions that I can achieve. Again, not setting myself up for failure. Setting reachable goals. That is a huge aspect of being able to be both positive and successful.

The first thing I want to do is grow my blog. I started a blog in August of 2018, and it was an epic failure. I learned a ton, and there is still more to learn. This blog is my restart in October of 2018, and it is my baby. I am absolutely in love with my blog. I have worked very hard to bring it to life and make it what it is today. To say I am invested in it is an understatement.

But, I am no blogging genius, by any stretch of the imagination. Just a decent writer at the moment. Or, an honest one, at the very least. There is still a ton of things to learn. This makes the goal of growing my blog into something bigger and better achievable by continued learning. I fully plan to continue learning and trying new things with my blog, challenging myself to be better each day, and turn it into something amazing.

I have a friend who has challenged himself to read a new book each month, and continue learning. That is 12 books in a year. Doesn’t sound too bad too me. I could do that too. Which is my next goal. I am going to continue learning and expanding my knowledge by reading a book each month. Some may be related to prepping, or personal growth, and some may simply be for fun. I will find a good mix as I go along. Stay tuned for the reviews in my blog, as I go along that journey each month. Writing about them is an excellent way to make myself accountable. I also plan to pass the books on to others. If I love it, why not share it with those around me?

The next thing is my physical fitness. I’ve been determined before, and been successful. I know I can do it again, and I fully plan on it. This is going to be the best year of my life. Why not focus on getting into the best shape of my life as well? I will continue to document my exercise and weight loss in my blog each week, but I am personally ready for better results and excited about it as well.

The last thing that I will be focused on is quality time with the people I care about. Life has shown me some very ugly people that I had in my life at one time, and I said goodbye to them. Which was the best decision I’ve ever made for my own sanity and well-being. This reminded me that I need to appreciate the quality time I spent with the people I am closest to. Say the things that need said, let them know they are appreciated, and how much I care about them being a part of my life. Life is short, so be sure to say the things that need to be said. You may not get the opportunity again.

In summary, I like to think my resolutions for the new year are easily attainable. It starts with a great attitude. That is building the foundation of great things to come. Next is working on my blog. Who doesn’t dream of doing something they love? Stop dreaming and actually do it! I plan to work on myself, with expanding my knowledge by reading and exercising more. This will be a huge year for personal growth for me, which is exactly what I want it to be. After making the positive changes in myself, I can appreciate those around me who help support my goals and encourage me along the way. Telling them this is extremely important because they matter to me.

I plan on taking advantage of 2019! Do you? What are your goals and resolutions for 2019? How are you going to make it the best year possible?


    • The Prepping Wife

      Happy New Year, Connie! You are obviously off to a great start and your blog will be successful. Because you have the perfect mindset to make it successful. Never stop learning. That is the key to being a great blogger. It’s the key to being successful in life too, but definitely to be a great blogger. I see great things in your future!

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