Day 29 of 31 Day Blogging Challenge

Day 29 of 31 Day Blogging Challenge

Day 29 of 31 Day Blogging Challenge

Today is day 29 of 31 day blogging challenge. If you’ve been following me through this challenge, I appreciate it. You can read about my other posts by clicking here. The prompt today is where I’ve traveled. I’ve always enjoyed traveling and want to do more of it.

Where I’ve Traveled


Scotland is easily my favorite place that I’ve been. I would love to go back and take my golf clubs with me. That would be the one thing that I wished I had when I was there before. Scotland is an amazing place to visit and I would definitely enjoy going back.

Stonehenge was a place that I can’t even describe. The atmosphere and feeling of being there leaves me speechless. Scotland is simply breathtaking overall. Then there are the people and the accents. Ahh, I could listen to them talk forever and be perfectly happy. Lol.

The royal mile in Edinburgh is a must-see place to go and walk around. There are plenty of shopping and dining opportunities here. I remember buying a pair of red sunglasses here for five pounds and I still have them.

Scotland is a place I would be very happy visiting all over again and spending significantly more time there.


England was a lot of fun as well. Seeing the sights and talking to people London is a beautiful place. Everybody knows Big Ben, the clock in London. It is such a fun thing to go and actually see iconic places like that. That is exciting. There is something to be said for reading about these places in history books and seeing them in movies, and then seeing them up close and personal.

New York City

New York is busy, but a great place to visit. We went after 9/11, and visited Ground Zero. I was again speechless. I’ve found some places have that ability. Going back now to see the memorial and museum is something I would love to do.

Taking the subway through New York was certainly an experience. I had never traveled underground before that and I can’t say I would want to consistently, but it is efficient for a busy place like New York.

There is no shortage of places to visit and see in New York though. The Empire State Building. The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island is history. I would recommend this for any NYC visitor. The statue can be seen from Battery Park, but it is just better up close.

Central Park is a place everybody knows about, even if they don’t live in NYC. Definitely worth a visit!

The Metropolitan Museum of Art was a great stop on this trip. I’m always amazed for some reason at the sheer size of places and what they hold inside.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas, the city of lights. This is a trip I thoroughly enjoyed and I really want to go back with Nathan. I would take a lot more time for pictures and see a show while I am there the next time. It is a place where there is no shortage of things to do.

Night time is when I wanted to be out the most and see all the lights and signs. I could have driven around the strip for hours and been perfectly happy just looking at the lights. There is also a ton of history within Las Vegas, especially the old strip, or Fremont Street. Fremont Street is old school Las Vegas and I loved that.


I’ve been to Canada, although I don’t remember a ton about it. We did visit Butchart Gardens, I know that. It was a wonderful experience and I would absolutely go back again and see it.

Traveling is such an amazing thing, and a great way to experience other cultures and history. There are so many places I want to see and experience. Both for a second time, and for the first time. I’ve said it before, but I would love to travel across the United States and just eat my way through it. Lol. There are so many places to see and things to do. Maybe that will be my retirement plan, just to travel and have those experiences.

Day 29 of 31 Day Blogging Challenge Discussion

Where is your favorite place to visit? Tell me about it in the comments! Have you enjoyed my day 29 of 31 day blogging challenge? Are you participating in day 29 of 31 day blogging challenge? Let me know!

Day 29 of 31 Day Blogging Challenge


  • Nicole Anderson | Camping for Women

    I agree that travel is the best way to explore other cultures and history. Your love of Scotland is well understood and I also enjoyed visiting Stonehenge when I visited the UK again last year. Travel is something that I think expands your outlook and I particularly love to explore the natural beauty in different parts of the globe. There is so much to see, appreciate and experience and I really enjoyed reading your experiences shared here.

  • Tracy @ Cleland Clan

    I’ve never been to Scotland, but we plan to go for our 10th anniversary in 2024. I’ve always wanted to take a month or two and travel throughout England, Scotland, and Ireland. I have been to London three times, but always with a student tour (I taught French for several years), and we did go to Ireland for a week two years ago. However, I want to really be able to explore. Our 2024 trip won’t be more than 2 weeks, but I plan to pack a lot into that time.

  • Scott J DeNicola

    I used to travel a lot for work before COVID and it began to wear on me, but now I actually miss it. I like to go off the beaten path when I travel and ask locals where to go. You have to see the tourist places (like you said in NY, Central Park, MOMA etc. I laugh whenever I’m in my home city (NYC) and see people lined up to eat at some chain restaurant that they can find anywhere in the country. So many other places to eat and they choose Olive Garden when they could go to Little Italy and have the best Italian food outside of Italy itself.

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