Day 2 of 31 Day Blogging Challenge

Day 2 of 31 Day Blogging Challenge

Day 2 of 31 Day Blogging Challenge

Today is day 2 of 31 day blogging challenge. The response on the first post has been very positive, and I love that. Always glad people enjoy learning about me. I hope other bloggers will give this challenge a try so I can follow and learn more about them as well. You can read more about this challenge here. The task today is 20 facts about me. Here we go!

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My favorite color is pink

I love bright pink tones too. My favorite pink item I own is a really bright pair of pink Nike shoes. I also made a pink paracord bracelet that I wear every day. You can see pictures in my post about cleaning a paracord bracelet.

I hate needles

If you’ve followed me on any sort of social media platform, you know I have a ton of tattoos. So how do I still manage to hate needles? Well, it is medical needles that scare me. I seriously get queasy when I see them. Even I don’t understand how I can pay someone money to jab a ton of them into my skin and create a cool design. Yet stick me in a hospital with a single needle and I’m nauseated, shaking, having chills. All that fun stuff.

Candy Crush is a game I spend copious amounts of time playing

Nathan, my husband, and I are very competitive. He started playing long before I did, and was always nagging me to start. It was one of those things where I was bored one day and decided to give it a try. Being so competitive, the day I passed him on my level was the greatest day ever. For the longest time I was either at the same level or 1-2 behind him. Now, 4,175 levels later, I can’t quit playing because he will get ahead of me again. Yes, that is the main reason I play these days. To stay ahead of him.

I hate spiders

If I could hire someone to be on call all day every day to come and kill spiders for me every time I see one, I’d be the happiest person ever. I really think that should be a thing. Lol. I have a fear of spiders and I swear they know this. Like they smell the fear and wait for Nathan to leave for work and then make their appearance. I’d think they plot to get me as much as I think my cat plots to kill me in my sleep.

Organization is an obsession

I’m pretty sure I have a fairly severe case of obsessive compulsive disorder when it comes to organization. Nathan is the opposite. He never puts anything back in the same place twice. In my kitchen, this drives me absolutely insane. There is nothing worse than looking for a utensil and having to search twelve different places for it.

Sometimes I really want to make a chart of where everything in my house should go. Yes, I am that obsessed with organization. But for me, being organized equals being productive. I work the best in a tidy environment and I know where everything is. This also relates to my prepping. The items I’ve stocked up on are useless in an emergency if I can’t find them.

Sports are my favorite thing to watch on tv

I also enjoy attending sporting events as well. I am a big Portland Trailblazer fan, and have seriously followed this season very closely. Oregon Duck football is easily a favorite as well. I follow professional basketball, semi-pro baseball, and college football. Every summer Nathan and I go to baseball games and it is a lot of fun. Baseball is a slower sport that is relaxing to watch. We live less than two miles from a football and baseball stadium. Walking there and back in the summer is a great way to get out for some exercise, and enjoy a great game at the same time.

My favorite food is…

This is a tough one. Hence the dot dot dot. I’d have to say either my stuffed peppers my parmesan dijon chicken. Both are recipes that I’ve been making for years now and there are memories attached to that. They are highly requested in my house.

Ireland is at the top of my travel bucket list

I love everything about Ireland. The scenery, the people, the food. I would absolutely love to go and live there for a month and just explore, taking pictures and talking to people along the way. That is a huge dream of mine.

My favorite animal is a giraffe

Maybe it is because I am so short that I love the giraffe. I’m just in awe every time I see one in the zoo. They are just huge, but so graceful and beautiful. They are also unique too. No other animal is remotely similar to a giraffe.

The Dark Knight is my favorite movie

I am a big fan of these kinds of movies in general, but The Dark Knight ranks pretty high on my list. The Joker is my favorite character in this movie, and for good reason. With stellar performances from the actors who have played this character, who doesn’t love the Joker? .

Coffee is life

My absolute favorite coffee is from a company called Black Rifle Coffee. Murdered Out being my favorite blend. It is a very dark angry-looking roast, but without a single hint of bitterness. I am a huge fan. A cup of this brewed in my French press while I’m working on my blog or starting my day is simply happiness.

I love naps

I really wish as an adult that I could cash in on all the naps I refused to take as a child. Seriously, that would be so amazing. That is the one thing I would tell the younger version of myself if I could. Don’t fight the naps. One day you will wish you could go back to nap time.

My dream job is being a blogger

Or failing that, a sniper. The level of skill and training for being a sniper is huge. It is a very coveted job, and I think would be great to learn. But I’ll settle happily for being a blogger and being the best one I possibly can. It’s a great job, to be honest. I would call blogging my dream job because it has changed who I am as a person and made me grow by stepping so far outside of my comfort zone. I love that!

The sense of accomplishment I get from my writing cannot be ignored either. I’ve built something out of absolutely nothing and am pretty good at it. The comments I’ve received from those who enjoy my writing, telling me something I’ve said helped them. Or when they share similar and personal stories with me. I love that.

Blankets are my favorite thing to sew

I have way too many, and I’ve given a bunch away as gifts too. That is probably why I love making them so much. I create something useful to give as gifts to other people.

Crocheting is something I do when I’m watching tv

This is relaxing to me. I can kind of multitask, yet zone out and crochet out of habit or muscle memory. It gives me the opportunity to create something useful (I’m noticing a pattern with that whole useful thing) without a lot of effort. It keeps my hands busy while I’m focused more on watching tv. This is perfect when I am feeling fidgety or needing something to do while sitting.

I’m a thrift store junkie

A few weeks ago I picked up a desk at a thrift store that was beyond perfect. Being used and in a thrift store, the price was already extremely discounted. The one I went to does a color tag sale. An example is green tags that day are 50% off, white 25% off, and yellow is full price. These rotate on a daily basis. On this particular day I found both my desk and a full-length mirror that match the decor and color of my other furniture for 50% off. The desk ended up costing me a whopping $20, and the mirror $15. Huge score!

I had been looking for both of these items for a while and couldn’t have found anything better, even for full price or brand new. Nathan gave me a budget for these items, and it was a good one. Nothing wrong with his range he wanted me to stay in. But the level of excitement from coming in well under budget can’t be beat!

Overachieving is something I am very good at

When I find something I am passionate about, I strive to be the absolute best at it. I push hard to achieve goals through hard work. I’ve come to realize that if I’m not attempting to overachieve at a goal or a task, it really isn’t something that I care about.

Tigger is my favorite Disney character

This shouldn’t be a surprise given my cat is named Tigger. I love his energy. The bouncing hyperactive and super positive Tigger. Tigger is a character I can relate to, and that is probably why I find him to be my favorite.

People say I’m a good friend

Maybe it is insecurity, but I’ve never quite figured out why people like me. Friendship is such a strange thing to me. We meet other people and somehow decide to share our lives with each other. Like, what did a person do to somehow be deemed ok or trustworthy enough to share stuff with?

I want to become a photographer

This directly relates to my blog, and that is the main reason. Learning to take better pictures to post. But I also think it would be a fun hobby to have. Going out on hikes or out in nature anywhere and snapping some great photos.

Quilting is something I want to learn

I’ve heard it isn’t actually difficult, but I’m still not sure. But it is on my list of sewing projects to try out at least once. I’ll probably start small with something simple.

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Day 2 of 31 Day Blogging Challenge


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