Coronavirus: How to Avoid Boredom While Social Distancing

Coronavirus: How to Avoid Boredom While Social Distancing

Coronavirus: How to avoid boredom while social distancing. It’s been about a week now that we’ve had to socially distance ourselves from everyone else due to the Coronavirus. Restaurants are closed, schools, concerts, and sporting events are cancelled. What is there to do? I’m a homebody by nature and I love being able to work at home, but even I am getting bored at this point. 

Nathan and I went to the grocery store yesterday afternoon, and it was just a weird experience. The first store we attempted to go to was just busy. The parking lot looked like Black Friday kind of busy. The second one wasn’t nearly that bad, and we went in. It is so strange to me to be that worried about being near people. Store shelves were fairly well stocked, making that the least of my worries. 

After my experience with the grocery store, I began to appreciate the whole social distancing thing and staying at home. But I have still been searching for ways to keep the boredom at bay, because it definitely happens to even the biggest homebody out there. 

Go for a walk

Going for a walk to get some exercise is just good common sense. Fresh air and exercise does wonders for all of us. I find when I get restless or fidgety, it is time to go outside. Don’t go out in a group, obviously. But even a quick circle around the block once or twice will help. Luckily for me, the weather has been pretty nice most of the week and it has been fairly easy to go out for a bit. 

This was the view on my walk with Nathan yesterday.

Take some time for self-care

It’s not like we have places to be, right? Take some time for yourself. Read that book sitting on the nightstand, enjoy a hobby that you don’t normally make time for. Or binge watch some reality tv show. Streaming services like Disney Plus have been releasing new movies to that platform instead of prolonging them for the theater. That way fans can still enjoy them. To read about my favorite books, click here

Read blogs, and not just mine. There are plenty of amazing blogs out there. Bloggers are a small business, and readers are huge for their stats. If you enjoy their writing, share it on social media and comment. This social distancing thing is affecting bloggers just as much as anybody else. Help keep a small business owner going! 

Indulge in a hobby

I mentioned this as part of our self care, but I think it deserves its own category too. Too many times we ignore our passions and hobbies because we don’t have time. Well, now there is a surplus of time. I’ve been crocheting a baby blanket for a friend while I watch tv during the day. What is something you enjoy but don’t make enough time for under normal circumstances? 

Learn a new skill

Find something you’ve always wanted to try, or that relates to prepping that you can use in the future. Do you know how to make candles? If you have kids, that is an excellent project to teach them about prepping! Or make your own hand sanitizer. YouTube is a great place to find how-to videos as well. 

Check in with friends and family

Just because we are all being forced to be house hermits doesn’t mean we can’t stay connected to friends and family. We have FaceTime, Skype, text, calls, and even social media. The connection options are endless. You can even use your phone to make phone calls. Weird, right? But seriously, even though it feels like we are alone right now, we aren’t alone. Just don’t ignore the opportunities to connect with the people you care about. 

If you are healthy and it is safe to go out, check in on those around you who should be staying in. This is a perfect opportunity to step up and help someone who is immune-compromised. Help those who need to stay at home to do exactly that. When I go to the grocery store, I check in with several people to see if they need anything while I’m out. This is an excellent way to show we care about people in such a crazy time. 

Go old school

If you have kids at home, play a board game. Have a night without streaming services or electronics. Play board games, build a blanket fort on the couch, go camping in the backyard. While kids are stuck at home, it is an amazing opportunity to make memories that will last a lifetime. This social distancing can turn into a very positive memory if we use the opportunities given to us. 

Enjoy screen time together

This one was Nathan’s idea, to be perfectly honest. We were talking about him being home more and things he could and could not do when I need to work. I’m not normally very tolerant of my work time being disrupted, especially by what I deem useless noise. Which his video games qualify as useless noise in my opinion. Marriage is a balancing act, and this conversation is a perfect example of that and working together while being tolerant of each other. 

As Nathan and I were having this conversation, he asked me if I would want to play any of his video games with him when I’m not working and we are looking for something to do together. This question surprised me, because I’m not a gamer by any stretch of the imagination. But he picked a game he thought I would enjoy and we will be giving this a try later in the week. 

If we’re going to indulge in some extra screen time, why not do it together? It’s an opportunity to learn a new skill on my part and try something new. I see this as an excellent opportunity if you have kids too. Let them teach you something that they enjoy doing. 

Make new recipes

I love cooking, that isn’t exactly a secret. Since being stuck at home and having a surplus of time on my hands, I’ve been developing new recipes and it is fun. You can read about my recipes here. Trying a brand new recipe will make things seem fresh and exciting because it is a positive break from the normal. 


This is such a strange time in our lives for everyone. It is easy to get bored, have anxiety because the future is very uncertain at this point, and be very negative. We can’t control what happens to us in life. What we can control is how we react to it though. Why not try to make the best out of a bad experience? 

I’ve found it is easy to get caught up in the negative and the unknown over the last week. I had a day where I spent the entire day in bed, alternating between sleeping and working. I literally had no idea what day it was because my routine was thrown so far off. Tigger never went far from me because he thought there was something wrong with me. 

I was able to pull myself out of that funk by doing the things I talked about above and really focusing on the simple, inexpensive, yet positive things I could enjoy and accomplish while still socially distancing myself from everyone else. 


Coronavirus: How to avoid boredom while social distancing. How are you handling social distancing? Tell me about your experience in the comments and what you are doing to keep from being bored. Read more tips on life and making it through the Coronavirus.

Even cars were socially distancing themselves yesterday.


  • Scott DeNicola

    Times like this we learn a lot about ourselves. We will get through this and come out stronger on the other side. NY is right up there with Washington in confirmed cases and we have many of the same shelter in place, social distancing rules put in place. It is odd to see so few cars on the road but yet I go to the stores and they are overrun with people. I think once we get semi-used to this and people understand that A) you have a real good chance of survival if you aren’t compromised and B) there will be food you don’t need to horde, we will be ok. We’ve been doing walks around the neighborhood with a small group of people using social distancing almost every day. I’ve worked from home for so long this is nothing new to me. I just can’t go to the gym which is a bummer. On a good note, we are cooking more meals at home, I’m playing guitar more than I have in years and my family is all home which is unheard of with teenage girls.

  • Stephanie S.

    I really enjoyed this post. Right now my family and I have been keeping busy with board games, movies, and cooking together. Yesterday I finally exercised after taking a few days off from it. It felt so nice. – It was the therapy I needed for my mind, and body. When the weather is nice we went out and enjoyed some time in the yard as well.

  • Nicole Anderson | Camping for Women

    Such a timely post that we all need to read right now. Being cooped up at home after a while can tend to drive you a bit stir crazy and yet it can be so ridiculous how crowded grocery stores can be when we are all trying to practise social distancing. The one idea I have engaged in most since this all started (well not exactly new for me, but one I keep doing anyway) is walking. A good walk does wonders to clear your mind and the fresh air does you the world of good. Even better if you can do so with some lovely nature around rather than your typical suburban block if this is possible. The photo you shared seemed to show you have a lovely outlook on your walks. Great list of ideas to provoke thinking for us all right now. Best wishes to get through this for you and your loved ones.

  • Sarah Emery

    It’s strange times, for sure! Here in Singapore, thankfully we are still able to go outside and walk about – of course keeping a distance from others. We live in high rises condo buildings, so our physical living space is very small, but I’ve managed to start a little veggie garden on our patio 🙂 Keep safe and healthy!

  • Alexandra

    Some of those suggestions above brought back memories of when I was a kid and we were snowed in. I used to love hanging out with my siblings watching a movie or playing Asteroids. I know you said go digital free but that was fun for us. Right now, my boys cannot sit still through half a movie let alone a full one so there really is no binge-watching going on over here. I often envy my friends who have girls and post photos of them all still in the pajamas eating popcorn and watching a movie together.

    Social distancing for exercise is also a little hard for us where I live. We live right by the intercoastal and the ocean and a lot of people are out exercising and walking. When they are adults, that’s fine because they know how to maintain the appropriate distance. But with the kids, well, it’s not working. thankfully we do have a house with a big backyard and a trampoline. However, you know kids….they get so bored so fast!

  • Dreams Abroad

    I don’t mind it that much. I am an introvert so this may be a shock to some. Something I am trying to get into people’s minds is a great opportunity to start something they are passionate about. Whether it is Spring cleaning or beginning a side hustle. This is the time. Stay safe from the Coronavirus virus by social distancing.

  • Julia

    I really enjoyed reading this post, Erica. You nailed it by putting these ideas together. I love the fact that you agreed to share Nathan’s interest and learn to play a video game with him.

    I had to drive yesterday, and I too noticed that the cars were going very slow far apart from each other. Now I know that they were “socially distancing” themselves. LOL. I love how you put it!

    Unfortunately, my latest hobby involves being in an embrace with other people, and I won’t be able to dance for some time. I still have my other hobbies: reading books and blog posts, walking outside, doing landscape photography… I have a reserve of things that I love doing but still don’t have time for because working on my online business never stops. I really don’t have a problem with being bored! 🙂

    Thank you, that’s the kind of posts I like reading about Coronavirus! I also read the official news, but other than that, all the theories and advice from amateurs only annoy me (they probably wouldn’t, if there weren’t so many)

    Be well,

    ~ Julia

  • Britt K

    I’ve also been focusing on a hobby lately. I picked up cross-stitching when I was younger, but hadn’t done it in AGES until this past year. I guess luck was on my side because I picked it up before all of this hit again. Now I’m working on a set of 6 animal portraits for my new nephew’s nursery ( he was JUST born).

  • Lyosha

    I am not bored at home but I do feel pressure. I am used to walk a lot, to always have somewhere to go to: museum, philharmonic, job which is some soft of an event for me. I am used to crowds and cheer. Being home with my husband feels good but for me it is more like something I get, something desirable, not something I have day by day

  • Subhashish Roy

    Yes times have changed. Although I have been working out mostly from home apart from training sessions where I work outside home, it feels quite suffocating with the thought of being only at home. We here in India are going through a complete lock down for 21 days starting 25th and are not expected to even go for walks except emergency buying.

  • Kat

    Even so many months later, we’re still dealing with this and these tips are as applicable as ever. I’ve done almost all of these, especially picking up an old passion (writing). Now, I’ve developed this into a side hustle that can pay my rent and bills! You never know what can come of a strange situation.

    I’ve also enjoyed reconnecting with faraway friends and going on lots of walks in my new area.

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