25 Powerful Mindset Journal Prompts
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25 Powerful Mindset Journal Prompts

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25 Powerful Mindset Journal Prompts Introduction 

25 Powerful Mindset Journal Prompts to overcome limiting beliefs is something that I feel passionate about writing for you. Because limiting beliefs are an issue that I’ve struggled with for many years. 

I will tell you that when I started my blog, The Prepping Wife, it was legitimately the first time that I had done something not only outside of my comfort zone, but something for me. It was my dream, and I followed through with it. It didn’t matter if I was a failure or a success. What mattered was I pushed past my limiting beliefs and did it. 

Coming from an abusive home and being told exactly what to do and how to do it meant that I was either terrified to try new things, or my dreams were shot down by my mother and I just gave up trying to do things or looking for the support to do so. 

Beliefs rule most of our lives, and this is especially true when it comes to limiting beliefs. The majority of the time, these roadblocks are things we’ve made up in our own minds and not actually a real and valid problem. 

I’m sure that you can remember times when your own limiting beliefs prevented you from achieving a goal, or even trying to set the goal to achieve. That is why I created these 25 powerful mindset journal prompts to help you as well.

25 Powerful Mindset Journal Prompts
25 Powerful Mindset Journal Prompts

What are Limiting Beliefs? 

Limiting beliefs are the thoughts we believe in our mind. They have been formed since childhood thought 

  • Parents
  • Society
  • School 
  • Our inner circle 

Have you ever heard a parent or teacher tell you that you would never be successful or you can’t do something? 

When we hear things like that, our brain picks those to focus on and we continue to believe them to be true. They often follow us for years. This is why when we try to do something and be successful, that is the opposite of what we’re told, fear and anxiety take over. 

The reality though is that those beliefs do not exist. They are limiting beliefs because they stop us from living our dream lives, of being the best version of ourselves, and truly being happy. Those limiting beliefs stop us from taking action because we are afraid. 

25 Powerful Mindset Journal Prompts
25 Powerful Mindset Journal Prompts

Top 10 Limiting Beliefs 

These are the most common limiting beliefs that we all struggle with. 

  • I am too old or young to do something. 
  • I am not good enough. 
  • I am not capable of doing this. 
  • I am not talented enough. 
  • I will never be successful. 
  • I don’t have enough money. 
  • I am a failure. 
  • I can’t do this. 
  • I don’t deserve this. 
  • I am not ready. 

How many of these phrases have you said to yourself in the past? More than your fair share, as I have too. 

Journaling is a very powerful tool to help you not only identify your limiting beliefs, but then to challenge them. How exciting is that?! When you identify a problem, you can begin to take control and make necessary changes to better yourself. 

You have the power to change your mindset and overcome these limiting beliefs! Yes, you absolutely can, and that’s exactly what I want to see you do. These 25 powerful mindset journal prompts are here to help you.

25 Powerful Mindset Journal Prompts
25 Powerful Mindset Journal Prompts

25 Powerful Mindset Journal Prompts 

What would you do if you were not afraid of anything? 

Imagine a scenario where there was nothing in life that you were afraid of. Make a list of the things you would do if that were the case. 

Would you start a business? Follow a passion? Travel? Go back to college? What does your heart tell you that you would want to do? Write all of these things down. 

How are your emotions or thoughts limiting your growth? 

When you think about setting a new goal or doing something new, how do you feel? What emotions are you experiencing? Write these down. How do you think these emotions limit your personal growth? 

A great example is wanting to start a business, but you have a fear of failure, and the thought of failure just makes you feel anxious and stressed, so you just don’t even try to start that business. Now you feel stuck in a job that you aren’t happy with. 

25 Powerful Mindset Journal Prompts
25 Powerful Mindset Journal Prompts

How can you grow and learn from negative past experiences? 

Do your beliefs come from a mistake you made in the past or a terrible experience that has since become a limiting belief? 

Go back to that experience and think about how you can grow from it. What lessons did you learn? 

Are you afraid of failure? What makes you afraid? 

Fear of failure stops many people from doing what they want and reaching their goals. Is that something you struggle with as well? 

If you have a fear of failure, write down exactly what makes you afraid. 

Think about this, when you were a baby and learning to walk (or watching your own child learn to walk), how many times did you fall down and get back up? Now you can not only walk, but you can run as well. 

If you never failed, how can you succeed? Is failure really a bad thing? Or is it that when you failed, you simply gave up and stopped trying to succeed? 

25 Powerful Mindset Journal Prompts
25 Powerful Mindset Journal Prompts

What changes are you currently resisting in your life? 

Humans are creatures of habit and we love to be in our comfort zone. When we go through changes that make us uncomfortable, we tend to want to resist those changes. 

Look around and see what changes are happening in your life and if/how you are resisting them or if you’re welcoming those changes. If you are resisting them, are you doing so because they make you uncomfortable and take you outside of your comfort zone? 

Name one thing you’ve done in the past that was an example of growth 

I am quite sure there was a time in your past that you did something outside of your comfort zone. It can be something small, it doesn’t have to be big, something you thought was impossible but you went ahead and did it. 

Take a moment to think about that and write it down. 

25 Powerful Mindset Journal Prompts
25 Powerful Mindset Journal Prompts

What kind of messages about success did you hear growing up? How have they shaped you today? 

What kinds of things have you heard about success at home, at school, in your circle of friends? Were they all the same or were they different? 

Examples of success could be more money, a highly respected job, or maybe success isn’t important to some people. Some people prioritize happiness over success. 

What stops you from believing in yourself? 

If you are struggling to believe in yourself, it is important that you know exactly what is stopping you from believing in yourself. 

Is it the opinions of others, a mistake from the past, or something else. Write it in detail. 

25 Powerful Mindset Journal Prompts
25 Powerful Mindset Journal Prompts

What does your support network/system look like? 

Our support system plays a huge role in our mindset. A wise person once said that we are the sum of the 5 people closest to us. The question is, are we surrounded by the right people or not? 

When we are constantly surrounded by people that are negative or create fear in our brains, we tend to think more about those things. When we are surrounded by highly supportive, positive, and optimistic people, we tend to feel encouraged and supported to try new things and step outside of our comfort zone. 

Are you underestimating yourself? 

If you are underestimating yourself, where is that coming from? You want to ask yourself where that is coming from if you are unable to achieve your goals and dreams because you have a low opinion or view of yourself. 

When you can identify why you’re underestimating yourself, you can start to shift that mindset and take control. 

25 Powerful Mindset Journal Prompts
25 Powerful Mindset Journal Prompts

Where do your fears come from? 

One of the best ways to overcome your limiting beliefs and fears is to dive deep into your past and understand the origins of these fears. 

I know that mine come from family, specifically my mother, who was a textbook narcissist. Where do yours come from? 

In what ways do your fears, insecurities, and negative beliefs limit you? 

Write about all the ways that these things have limited you in the past, and now as well. How has this affected you? 

Examples of how these affected you could be that you didn’t follow a dream, you remained stuck in a job you hated, or anything else you settled for because of these fears, insecurities, and negative beliefs. 

25 Powerful Mindset Journal Prompts
25 Powerful Mindset Journal Prompts

What limiting beliefs are you already aware you have? 

We all carry limiting beliefs with us, but they only come to the surface when we are faced with a situation that opposes that belief system. That is why we aren’t always aware of all the limiting beliefs that we may be carrying around with us. 

However you may be aware of some of your limiting beliefs as well, because the same ones make an appearance in multiple situations. What are they? Which ones are you aware of? Write them all down. 

How do your limiting beliefs make you feel? 

Do your limiting beliefs make you feel good, relaxed, or confident? Or do they trigger fear and anxiety in you? 

It is important to identify what thoughts you have that make you feel good, and which ones make you feel bad. 

25 Powerful Mindset Journal Prompts
25 Powerful Mindset Journal Prompts

What steps can you take to conquer your limiting beliefs? 

Think about ways that you can conquer and change your limiting beliefs by challenging them. Write these ways down. 

How do you challenge something like this? My favorite way is to try something new. It doesn’t have to be anything big. But try something small. A great example is, if you don’t believe you can bake, try it! Find a simple dessert recipe that you can bake. You may fail, and you may succeed. Neither of which matter. What matters is that you tried it. 

Find something you want to try and go for it. Write down things you want to try, and give it a go. 

How do limiting beliefs affect your life? 

How do limiting beliefs affect your life right now? Describe these in detail. 

This could be that you’re unhappy with something, a relationship, a job, just suffering from general anxiety or depression. It can be anything that is directly causing problems in your life. 

25 Powerful Mindset Journal Prompts
25 Powerful Mindset Journal Prompts

What are your core values? 

When you focus on growing and shifting your mindset to overcome negative thoughts and limiting beliefs, it is important to remember your values. 

What are your values you hold dear in life? What is important to you? Write these down, and be detailed with it. Your values should be very important, so details are essential. 

How do your core values contradict your limiting beliefs? 

You’ve previously described your core values in the last prompt. Now let’s talk about how those conflict with your limiting beliefs. 

Is this an issue for you? Do your values and limiting beliefs contradict or conflict with each other? 

25 Powerful Mindset Journal Prompts
25 Powerful Mindset Journal Prompts

How can you actively work toward proving limiting beliefs wrong? 

Write down the steps you can consistently take to prove to yourself that your limiting beliefs are incorrect and holding you back. 

You deserve to prove them wrong and win at life by becoming your best self! How can you do that? That is what you want to be thinking about here. 

What is a positive affirmation I can repeat to replace a limiting belief? 

Affirmations are positive phrases that you can repeat to yourself throughout the day, each and every day. 

Instead of saying I can’t do this, replace that with, I can do this and I will do this. I will be successful and accomplish my goal. 

25 Powerful Mindset Journal Prompts
25 Powerful Mindset Journal Prompts

Name a time when a limiting belief made you give up 

Was there a time when your limiting beliefs took over and you gave up doing what you wanted to do? 

For me personally, everything in my recipe blog is an example of where I gave up when I was younger. I always wanted to cook and make things from scratch, but I remember my mother telling me she had already tried it and it was too hard, so just shut up and buy it in the store. I finally found the courage to do these things when I married my husband, and that is what started my true love of cooking. 

What if you had tried back then instead of giving up? 

If you had tried, how different would things be? Looking back at that time, think about what kind of a difference that trying would have made in your life. 

What would your life look like now if you had done those things? 

25 Powerful Mindset Journal Prompts
25 Powerful Mindset Journal Prompts

Do you have a habit of staying in your comfort zone? 

Why do you think that is? Are you comfortable where you are and change is something that scares you? Is this stopping you from growth? 

If yes, why do you think that is a problem? Why do you stay in your comfort zone instead of venturing outside of it? 

What is your purpose? 

Knowing your purpose is an amazing way to take control of your life, your limiting beliefs, and even haters who help push negative thoughts into your head. Your purpose is something no one, and I mean absolutely no one can take away from you. 

Write down what your purpose is and why you want to do it. 

For example, my purpose is to be a writer and a blogger, and encourage other women to become the best version of themselves, and it is something I am very passionate about. I want my story, my trauma, my abuse, to become the survival guide for another woman out there struggling. My passion for that is not something anyone can silence or take away from me. 

Think about your purpose and what drives you. Is it a job, being a parent, telling your own story to help others? Your purpose is your very own, so be honest with yourself about it. 

25 Powerful Mindset Journal Prompts
25 Powerful Mindset Journal Prompts

What do you understand about your mindset and beliefs? 

After answering all of these 25 powerful mindset journal prompts honestly and completely, what do you now understand about your mindset and beliefs? Did you find clarity? Do you feel better simply by identifying and vocalizing or writing down your fears and negative thoughts? 

Write down how you feel after going through this process. 

25 Powerful Mindset Journal Prompts Discussion 

I really hope these 25 powerful mindset journal prompts have helped you find your own inner strength! Because you deserve to be both happy and successful instead of just settling for the easy way and living a mediocre life. 

You are amazing, and if you’ve taken this journey through the 25 powerful mindset journal prompts with me, I am so, so very proud of you! I hope you are equally as proud of yourself. Because tackling limiting beliefs isn’t easy, but it is absolutely worth the time and effort to do so. It can be a life changing experience, and that is exactly what I hope happens for you. 

Have these 25 Powerful Mindset Journal Prompts helped you? Where are you in your journey toward shifting from limiting beliefs to more positive ones? If you’ve completed the 25 powerful mindset journal prompts, how did you feel when you finished? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

25 Powerful Mindset Journal Prompts
25 Powerful Mindset Journal Prompts

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